Your Mind Body Connection: Think, Feel, Act!

The Mind Body Connection is made through the Heart.

The thoughts we think in our Mind, and the emotions we feel in the Heart, give form and substance to the physical reality we experience as life.

Thoughts can and do remain as unmanifested forms in the Mind unless and until we give them substance with the power of feeling and emotion. When a thought is given substance with emotion it is "felt" in the Heart, which then radiates energy and information out into the physical world.  The most immediate and intimate aspect of our physical life experience is the Body, and that is where the energy of the Heart has the greatest influence and impact.

The Human Body is an instrument used by the Mind to perceive its creations.

Life is a series of images and feelings parading through the Mind in an ordered and coherent fashion.  The Body is the instrument that tells us which thoughts the Mind is thinking and which feelings are giving substance to our thought.

"Things" that we experience as physical reality are thoughtforms given substance by feeling in the Mind. With our eyes we can "see" the shape, size and colour of our manifested thoughtforms. With our ears we can hear them, taste them with our tongue, smell them with our nose, touch them with our fingertips. Thought gives shape to all these experiences, but it is the feelings in the Heart that allow us to see, taste, touch, smell and feel them.

Feelings in the Heart arise from only two emotions: Love, and fear.

Fear is Love turned inside out and upside down by the Ego Mind to create Illusion of Separation and make physical life exprience possible.  Therefore, in Truth, even fear is made from Love.

The Ego Mind, fear, and Illusion of Separation are all necessary steps in the creation of physical reality. But it is only the first step. Once physical experience has been created, the feelings of fear can be replaced with Love based feelings, transforming physical reality into the positive Love based experience it is meant to be.  Some would call this "Heaven on Earth".

The Body plays the most important role in this process of transformation. 

Only the Human Body is capable of perceiving the true nature of the thoughts and emotions being used to create physical life experience.  And only the Human Body is capable of transforming those thoughts and emotions from fear-based to Love-based.

As you go about your day, try to become aware that every "thing" that you perceive in your environment is a form given shape by thought in your Mind, and given substance by feeling in your Heart.  Can you tell if the things in your experience are given substance with fear-based feelings, or Love-based feelings?  Don't try to judge or change anything just yet.  Simply practice becoming more aware.

Your Body, of course, is also a "thing" given form and substance by the Mind and Heart.  Practice becoming aware of all the parts of your Body, and whether they seem to be given substance with fear or Love.

Once you learn to use your Body to accurately perceive the nature of your physical life experience, you will be able to direct your Mind and Heart to create a healthy, Love-based Mind Body Connection.

How does the Mind Body Connection work?

When you think a thought in your head, or use the Body to perceive physical life experience, an image is created in the Mind.  That image contains information, including shape or form and the feeling used to give substance to the form.

All thought or form is neutral - neither positive nor negative - in its pure form.  All feeling has either a positive (Love-based) or negative (fear-based) charge or vibration.  There is no such thing as a "neutral" feeling.  If you are "feeling" neutral, it means there is an absence of emotion, or substance, to your thought.

If you are perceiving an object in your physical reality and say you have no feelings about it, that is not entirely accurate. A thoughtform that has not been given substance with feeling cannot manifest into physical reality.  When you see it with your eyes, hear it with your ears, touch it with your fingers - you are "feeling" it, and that feeling must have a  positive or negative charge.  With practice you can learn to discern this.

The most common emotion used to give substance to thought in physical reality is fear.  Remember, fear is made from Love, so in Truth it's all Love.

Fear-based feelings are used by the Mind to create the experience of being separate - separate from others, separate from the stuff we see "out there", separate from God, etc.  If you are experiencing yourself as being separate from what you are perceiving, then that form has been given substance by fear in the Mind.

But don't panic!  That's just the first step.

When you become aware of anything in your physical life experience that is fear-based, you can go to your Heart and ask for the Love-based Truth.  There are a number of ways to do this, including the Heartmath practices, techniques, and technology, the Healing Codes, and the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System for Creating A Mind With Heart.

Asking for Love-based Truth from the Heart may or may not result in changes in your physical life circumstances, but it will transform the substance or energy of those forms from fear-based to Love-based. This includes anything related to the form of your own Body.  When the feelings giving substance to your Body are transformed from fear-based to Love-based, this will create a Love-based Body experience.

The key to creating a Love-based Mind Body Connection is creating Love-based feelings in the Heart.

There are a number of ways to go about this.  

Perhaps the quickest and most effective way is to cultivate feelings of gratitude and appreciation towards yourself, others, and the things in your life.  

Another way is to do something you love to do. If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to do something you love, simply imagining it in your Mind will create the Love-based feelings in your Heart.

Research conducted at the Institute of Heartmath indicates that creating Love-based feelings in the Heart results in a "coherent Heart field" - an electromagnetic field emanating from the Heart that transmits energy and information to every cell in the Body, as well as to anything else within the field.  To date, Heartmath has not found an outer boundary to this field, but it is known to exist at least fifteen feet out from the Body in every direction.

When the Heart field is coherent, the energy and information sent to the Body results in improved health and well being, better performance at work, improvement in relationships, increased problem-solving abilities, intuition, and much more. In other words, when images in the Mind (thought + feeling) are Love-based, the Body benefits in many ways.

But what if you find yourself unable to bring up feelings of gratitude, appreciation, or Love in your Heart?

What if everything you perceive with your Body seems filled with fear and despair?  Is there some way to create a healthy Mind Body Connection even then?

To answer that question, let's consider the lives of people who found themselves in seemingly hopeless situations - prison, abusive relationships, life threatening illnesses, the Holocaust.

People who eventually escape from these situations sometimes write books telling the story of how they survived or even found happiness under these conditions. In every case you will find that these people "escaped" their circumstances by imagining something else.  In other words, they used the Mind to create images (thought + feelings) that were Love-based and therefore created Heart coherence. Sometimes they would vividly remember someone they loved, or a happy time in their life. If they did not have that resource, they would create a Love-based image of the future and then live in it in their Mind. Remember, no matter what your physical life experience might be right now, you can always create something better in your Mind!

Thoughts created in the Mind and given substance in the Heart must manifest into physical reality.  That is the nature of our existence. You can choose to accept reality given substance with fear-based feelings, or you can use your Heart and Mind to create a reality given substance with Love-based feelings.  It is up to you.

And who are "you"?

You are the one making the decisions.  You are the one making choices.  You are the one perceiving the thoughts, feelings, and circumstances in your life.  You are the only one who can use your Body to transform the nature of your life experience from fear-based to Love-based.  

You are the Mind Body Connection you have been looking for!

Becoming aware of the true nature of your Mind and Body Connection is just the beginning.

Once you learn how to correctly perceive your physical life experience, you can begin to use this awareness in a number of ways, including out-of-body experiences, telepathy, parapsychology, remote viewing and influencing, as well as healing and much more.

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Dr. Daniel Monti, MD discusses The Mind Body Connection. (20 minutes)

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