The Out of Body Experience is a Metaphysical Experience that can occur spontaneously or intentionally.

out of body experience

An out of body experience, (also known as astral projection, near death experience, remote viewing, lucid dreaming, etc.), can act as a window into the true nature of human consciousness and the physical world perceived by the human mind.

According to the most recent scientific research and the most ancient of spiritual wisdom, who we really are does not actually exist within a body. In fact, it seems the physical body we perceive as our own is a projection of human consciousness and exists only within the mind.

Therefore, an out of body experience can be an awakening to the true nature of reality, and who we really are.

OBE's seem to occur spontaneously in some people, while others use meditation and other techniques to create an intentional experience. Some may find it very easy to create an OBE, while others struggle for years to accomplish one. Why this is so has never been examined or tested.

My own first out of body experience (that I'm aware of) happened while watching one of my daughter's high school track meets.

Any parent who has attended long ball games and track meets with their kids knows personally how easy it is to fall into a hypnotic or meditative state (if you're not eating something or chatting with the other parents, anyway).

I was sitting alone in the bleachers, watching the girls jog and warm up. Two girls were jogging towards me on the track and one of them caught my eye. Instantly, I found myself jogging on the track, apparently "in" that girl's body. I could see the track below me, my feet moving, the sound of my "friend" breathing next to me. It only lasted a few moments, and I was back in my own body.

Instead of being freaked out, I thought it was an amazing experience! I was still very relaxed, so I focused my intention on another student pushing a cart of equipment across the field. And there I was! I could see and feel "my" hands on the cart. I could see what was in the cart, hear the wheels turning and squooshing the grass below, and the sounds of my team mates nearby. Again, only a few moments, and I was back. I did it one more time with another runner, then decided to stop. I actually felt I was invading these girls' privacy!

I've never been able to recreate the experience that powerfully, but it was enough to make me aware of some very important things about the true nature of our physical reality.

The most important thing I came to know was the truth about "one mind appearing as many". Because we normally remain focused in one point of view throughout our physical lives, we never realize that the consciousness that is the source and perceiver of that one point of view is the same consciousness that is the source and perceiver of ALL points of view.

Most OBE's create a point of view or observation without a body, then return the point of view back to the original body. This leads many to believe that their body is exclusively their own, and that they are somehow separate or different from "others".

The truth is, each life "story" or experience created from each point of view is unique, but the mind or consciousness creating the life story and experience is Universal. This is the true metaphysical meaning of the greeting, "Namaste". Truly knowing that who you really are is the same in everyone else can be a mind blowing awakening!

Whether you have had a spontaneous or intentional out of body experience, or have never experienced one in your life yet, I invite you to explore the links and watch the video below. Always remember to connect to the Heart to ensure a safe, happy, and peaceful journey!

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Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing
I chose the ARVARI as an affiliate partner because I know that Gerald O'Donnell understands the importance of Unity, Oneness and Heart connection in having a safe and beneficial OBE. Too many products and services have been developed focusing on the mind alone, and can lead to manifestations of duality and polarity that can frighten and even harm the user. Not so with ARVARI. Gerald also makes himself available personally to answer your questions and offer support. Your well being and the advancement of humanity are his primary interests and goals! - Share Your Out of Body Experience
Whether you call it astral projection , the out-of-body experience, remote viewing, or even lucid dreaming, here you'll find articles to help you achieve, understand and improve this alternate state of being. There are also articles on spirituality, as you will find that the deeper you go into astral projection , the more you'll naturally start to awaken to a new perspective on life and self.

Drunvalo Melchizedek
The Flower of Life, sacred geometry, the Merkabah vehicle, and much, much more! Drunvalo is a man who comes straight from the Heart. Although his focus is certainly not exclusively on out of body travels, he does teach this as a vital aspect of developing spiritual awareness. Visit his site now to find out about Live Webcasts, as well as workshops in Sedona, Arizona!

Dr Thomas Campbell - My Big TOE
"Based upon careful scientific research and logical deduction, this is a book for all who have an interest in the nature of the reality in which they exist. My Big TOE is not only about scientific theory, function, process, and discovery - but also speaks to each individual reader about their innate capabilities. Readers will learn to appreciate that their human potential stretches far beyond the limitations of the physical universe."

The "My Big TOE" trilogy is available at local bookstores, at

Dr. Campbell also explored consciousness and out of body experience with Robert Monroe for many years.To visit the Monroe Institute, click here.

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