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Here are just a few examples of the kind of results others have experienced:

A burned-out and soon to be unemployed Business Accountant in Detroit, Michigan is now a happy and healthy Business Professor at a college in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

A financially successful but lonely mortgage broker is now happily married. She, her husband and beautiful step daughter live together in a lovely home with the pool she always wanted.

A stressed-out mom with two young out-of-control children is now the respected and happy head of her household.

A young mother with two kids leaves her abusive spouse and finds peace and comfort in a home of her own. 

A frustrated college grad working as a bar tender lands the job of his dreams.

An unemployed TV Producer (that was me) goes from homeless and living in a borrowed car to successful online entrepreneur.

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The human mind is holographic in nature. Changes that occur in any one part will be reflected in the whole or Universal Mind. By joining the Foundation you help create the shift in human consciousness towards the awareness that everything is connected.

That awareness brings about changes in feeling and behavior that have healing and beneficial effects - upon you, upon the 7 billion people living on our planet, and upon Mother Earth herself.

Ilana Moss,

Metaphysics for Life, and the Foundation for Creating A Mind with Heart


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What People Are Saying About Creating A Mind
With Heart with the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System

"Thank you for sharing such a nice, easy technique! The Heartcompass makes it so easy to hear and follow the heart's direction. It helped me listen to my heart's wisdom in a way I hadn't before." 
M. Miles, Hypnotherapist

"As a practitioner that has worked with a variety of healing techniques, I see this as a great tool for people to become aware of their languaging, thought, underlying emotions, and core issues." 
C. Wilson, CHT

I just finished the course. It is easy to understand and easy to remember. The articles at Metaphysics for Life expand the concepts and engages you in the process. I worked on seven issues in my life, including weight, finances, relationship with my son, feelings of loneliness. The outcome was quite revealing. Apart from my carreer (Business Administration) I studied Theology and Philosophy and have read spiritual, metaphysical and self-help books like crazy for 20 years. I had read about the importance of connecting your heart to your mind but no one provided a tool to do it.  I really value and appreciate the opportunity you have given me to take this course.  Thank you!

Zoe M., Michigan

"I just want to tell you again how much I appreciate what you've given me! It is a great gift and I intend to nurture it. In case you're keeping track, you've made a difference in my life." 


"Thank you so much for all your coaching and support!!! It is definitely enhancing both my professional and personal life." 
P. Lesemann, LMHC, CBT

"Thank you very much for offering this! Parts of this process I have done for years through journaling, but I haven't pulled it all together into this complete, directed form." 
Y.S., Ashland, OR

"I was finding it difficult to deal with my fears and trusting my intuition... The five simple steps (in the LifeNavigation System) gave me the confidence to follow through as I found answers to fears I have had for years. I am grateful for finding out about this course. It is really changing my life to be where I desire, creating more happiness, peace and joy, and love." 
R. Greenidge, Trinidad/Tobago

"The Heartcompass LifeNavigation System is the most powerful and comprehensive program out there. I will continue to apply it in my life both personally and professionally." 

S.H., United Kingdom

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