The Zero Point Perspective

Reality is made up of infinite zero points radiating energy and information into the space-time of the mind.

Physical reality is made up of an infinite field of energy and information. From the farthest star that we can see in space, to the tiniest "particles" that can only be seen by their effect upon visible matter, everything is made of the same stuff. It's all energy and information, radiating from infinite zero points within all things.

The Universe is a hologram.  That means that the entirety of the Universe, all that exists, also exists within each point, or zero point.

But how is this possible?  How can something that is, technically, infinitely small, contain all the energy and information that is needed to create stars, planets, life?

Zero is, simultaneously, both the smallest and the largest number. It is nothing, and it contains everything. It is both empty and full.

What we call zero point is the connecting point. It is that unmeasureable point in space-time that connects all that is with all that could be. Some would say it is the gateway that connects the space-time of Mind with the infinite intelligence of God.

Although there are infinite zero points in space-time, there is one very special connecting point that affects consciousness and the human life experience. That point, or gateway, is in the human "Heart".

The heart is the first organ to form in the human fetus. When that heart starts to beat it creates an electromagnetic field that surrounds the fetus. Within that field are signals, energy and information, that interact with and direct the development of all the other organs, cells, and tissues that will become the fully formed baby, child, and adult.

But that's not all! The signals coming from the Heart also shape the child's mind. Baby's spend an enormous amount of time "dreaming" before they are even born. What are these dreams made of? Images and feelings coming from Source, preparing the child to correctly perceive and function in the physical world into which they will emerge.

Before the child emerges from the womb, he or she is fully connected to Source and perceives physical reality correctly. This is the state of "innocence" that is still observable moments after the baby is born. It is also the state of innocence we associate with Adam and Eve before they ate the apple from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

The moment the baby is born, the experience of disconnection from Source begins. 

If you could remember the day you were born, you would remember those first feelings of fear and imagined isolation. 

The truth is, we remain connected to Source throughout our entire existence, no matter what seems to happen to us in the physical world. But our perception of that connection changes with physical life experience. As adults, we must learn to reconnect consciously and with full awareness of who we really are, and why we are here.

The Zero Point Energy Field

When the zero point field was first discovered by scientists in the twentieth century, there was a great deal of excitement about the potential for tapping into this infinite source of energy. Imagine the technology that could be developed! The things we could do, the places we could go!

There is justifiable reason for this excitement. However, the potential for advancements in technology and quality of life, although enormously wonderful in themselves, are paltry in comparison to the potential for the evolution of human consciousness, awareness, happiness, and well being.

We are all well aware that it is possible to be surrounded by the greatest of wealth and comforts, and experience terrible suffering and pain. That does not mean that physical wealth and comforts have no value. They do, but that value depends entirely upon our perception. And our perception of reality is dependent upon our connection with Source, through the gateway, the zero point, of the Human Heart.

Remember, everything we experience in physical reality is made up of energy and information being projected or radiated into the space-time of the mind through infinite zero points. That energy and information comes from Source. The images, the thoughts, the feelings that give shape and substance to our physical life experience are the manifestations of the perfect blueprint, what we call "Heaven".

But wait a minute! If this is the physical manifestation of Heaven on what we call "Earth", then how is it possible to experience pain, suffering, evil, death...what we call "Hell" on Earth!

The truth is, we came here to experience Heaven on Earth. But when we got here, we saw this Illusion of Separation that we call physical life experience, and believed it was real. Darn. We made a BIG mistake! 

We, God, wanted to know what it would be like to exprience "others". To have some company, if you will. There were no evil intentions, it's just an experiment. Albeit one that has gone somewhat awry.

So what does this have to do with the zero point in your Human Heart?

That point is your true lifeline. It is possible to experience Heaven on Earth, but the process requires completion. The Illusion of Separation that we experience as physical reality MUST be sent back to Source, through the gateway of the Heart, for "correction" or completion.

This process is very similar to how our eyes work. Light passes through the lens of the eye and an upside down image is projected onto the back of the eye. This upside down, two dimensional image must be processed or completed by the brain, into a 3D rightside up holographic image in the mind. 

But it is still not complete. The 3D holographic image created by the brain still consists of Illusion of Separation. We know this because we experience feelings of fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, hatred, despair, and so on.

To complete the process, we must send these ideas, images and feelings BACK TO SOURCE for correction and completion. And we do this by creating and maintaining a state of "heart coherence" (copyright Heartmath LLC), what some might call an "open heart", and allowing Source to transform our fear based beliefs and perceptions with the original Love based Truth.

The zero point field is infinite, intelligent, and Loving. Tapping into this field goes far beyond the potential benefits of physical comfort and exploration. Transforming our world from Illusion of Separation to an experience of Heaven on Earth is the true "final frontier". 

Learn more about Heart Intelligence, how you can start creating a Mind With Heart, and the true nature of your Heart, Mind, Body and Soul.

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