Why Humanity Needs A Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover

(and what you can do about it!)


We know that as humans we face a lot of challenges.

We have, in many ways, divorced ourselves from nature, disconnected our Hearts and Minds from divine inner guidance, and forgotten who we really are.

Many, if not most of us, feel lost and alone sometimes. 

We look outside ourselves for answers and solutions, hoping to find reconnection and inner peace in the next book we read, lecture we listen to, or video we watch. We hope to find health and well being in the next diet or superfood. And we hope to find ourselves by losing ourselves in the next intimate relationship or hookup.

The problem is, everything we experience "out there" is a reflection of the inner condition of our own Hearts and Minds.

In my course for creating A Mind With Heart - I call it the Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover - I talk about how the Mind is the space/time for all thought, feeling, ideas and images to exist. The Body is the communications device, perceiving what's in the Mind and sending feedback, through the Heart, to Source for correction. 

It's kinda like how your eyes work.  The image perceived by the eyes is, at first, upside down and two dimensional.  That info must be sent to the brain for processing into a correct 3D physical image. That 3D holographic image is what we call physical reality.

The images and feelings in the Mind are a projection of Light from Source through your Soul.  Your Soul is the perfect image or blueprint intended for your life. When Light passes through the lens of your Soul into the Mind it creates an Illusion of Separation. This is a necessary step in creating physical life experience.

However, if that Illusion of Separation being perceived by the Body is not sent back through the Heart to Source for processing, then we experience physical life as separate.  We are separate from nature, from God, from each other - from everything!

When the feedback loop is completed - the Body perceives the illusion, sends it to Source for correction, and then receives the correct image via the Heart - then we experience connection.  We feel connected to nature, God, each other, and to life.  And, we remember who we really are!

The feeling of connection is known to be the most powerful and reliable source of happiness.

So how did I come to discover all of this?

Well, I did not read it in a book, or learn about it in a lecture and workshop.  What I'm talking about here cannot be learned.  It must be experienced.

Many years ago, I struggled with depression, several suicide attempts, physical health problems, relationship problems. I didn't know it at the time, but I was later diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

PTSD happens when memories of a traumatic event results in inappropriate response or reactions to current life experiences. All of us have PTSD to one extent or another.  

In fact, it's so universal that only extreme examples of PTSD - such as war veterans, or survivors of terrorist attacks - are recognized as unhealthy.

The truth is, PTSD occurs whenever the illusion of separation is experienced, and we lack the inner skills and knowledge to complete the physical creation process. We get "stuck" in the illusion, and never get to experience the original intended images and feelings - the ones stored in our Soul, and projected into the Mind with the Light of Spirit from Source.

Imagine if the brain did not correct the two dimensional upside down image created when light passes through the lens of your eye?  You would experience a flat, upside down physical reality.  One that would be a similar, but highly distorted, image of what was originally intended.

Something very similar happens when our Body perceives the illusion of separation, and the brain creates a physical life experience that reflects that illusion. We are seeing a highly distorted image. An image that creates feelings of fear, loneliness, anger, hatred, and despair.

How and why this disruption of the perception of our physical life experience occurred is a rather long and complicated story, one I don't have time to get into here.

Once the disruption happened, a plan was set into motion to correct the error. It wasn't really an error, it was a choice, but one that has had severe negative consequences.

Many of us feel that this is a time when humanity faces an ultimate crisis.  We can either "wake up", realize what has actually happened, and correct it.  Or we can stay asleep and experience the final outcome of ultimate illusion of separation.

It's a choice.

One direction could lead to an experience of physical reality as Heaven on Earth.  The other would land us back at "zero point" with Source, where individual "separate" life experience doesn't exist. We would forget everything we have experienced in physical reality, much like we forget our dreams when we wake up.

Neither option is "bad", but the first one is an expansion of reality, while the latter is a collapse.

But getting back to my life and where I get all these crazy ideas!!

After experiencing a lifetime of rather severe PTSD, I started looking for solutions.

I came across alot of crazy stuff, most of it oriented towards leaving this physical world behind. But I had attempted suicide more than once, and I knew I did not want to leave this world.

Eventually, I discovered Abraham-Hicks and the Law Of Attraction. From this I learned a great deal about the nature of our life experience. 

When the movie "The Secret" came out, I was overwhelmed by the emphasis on getting "more". I knew in my Heart that big houses, expensive cars, and tons of money were not what my Soul intended for my life. I wanted to experience the life my Heart desired, and Iwould go to sleep at night asking God or the Universe to help me find a way.

One morning, I woke up with something I now call the Heartcompass Life Navigation System for Creating A Mind With Heartfully formed in my Mind.

I went out and bought a few office supplies I needed, and started performing the steps outlined in my Mind.

The results were astonishing, and I became very excited!

Now, unlike a lot of LOA and manifestation gurus, I did not suddenly become a millionaire, buy a great car, or find my soul mate. My health, however, did immediately improve, and I was glowing with joy. That is what other people noticed.

What I have learned through much practice and persistence, even in the face of what appeared to be great "loss", is that the Life Navigation System is about correcting our perception, not about getting what we think we want.

Using LOA to get what we "think" we want ultimately leads to loss - because LOA requires that we "attract" something that appears to be separate from us.  The ability to lose something that is separate from us is built into the equation.

Life Navigation and Creating A Mind With Heart is the opposite of that. It helps us realize that everything we experience in life is connected to us, and by completing the Heart Mind Body Soul feedback loop of creation, we can transform anything in physical reality into the experience of Heaven on Earth that it was originally intended to be.

Am I saying that Creating A Mind With Heart with the Life Navigation System means you won't get what you think you want?

Maybe. You might get something that you could never have imagined. Something that satisfies your Heart and Soul.  Or, you might get what you think you want and be given the opportunity to transform that into the Heaven on Earth that was originally intended for your life.

One thing I know for sure: Once you let the Universe know that you are one that is willing to remember the Heart Mind Body Soul feedback loop of creation, you WILL be given life experiences that are in dire need of transformation. Let's face it, humanity is in crisis. Health issues, the economy, the environment, politics - everything is in turmoil right now.

How these issues are resolved will depend upon how we, as humans, perceive our reality.

In Part 2 of Why Humanity Needs A Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover (and what you can do about it) I will demonstrate the Heartcompass Life Navigation System and talk about how and why it works. 

Then in Part 3, I will show you how I integrate the Life Navigation System with other heart centered healing  techniques to get even more powerful, accelerated results. 

So no matter what you are into right now, you don't need to change a thing.  Life Navigation is an add on that can help fill the gaps in other forms of spiritual, metaphysical, healing or scientific knowledge you might have right now.

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Ilana Moss
Heartcompass Enterprises 
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