Part 2 of:
Why Humanity Needs A Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover

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In Part 1 of Why Humanity Needs a Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover,  I talked about some universal human problems - the loss of our connection to nature, the disconnect between our own Hearts and Minds and the resulting loss of Divine inner guidance, and how we have forgotten who we really are.

Many of us feel lost and alone, at least at times, and we look outside ourselves for ways to reconnect and remember.

I talked about the true nature of our physical life experience.  That everything we experience in physical reality is a thoughtform given substance by feeling in the Mind.

I said that the Body is a communications device,perceiving the thoughts and feelings being projected with the Light of Spirit or Source, through the blueprint of your Soul, into the Mind. The Body then sends that information back to Source through the gateway of the Heart for correction - much like the way your eye sends information to your brain to be processed into a 3D physical image.

Unless, of course, the gateway of the Heart is closed, and that feedback loop cannot be completed. When  that happens, what we experience as physical life is called the Illusion of Separation. It's a necessary first step for creating physical reality, but it's only the first step!

When we experience physical life as separate - from nature, God/Universe/Source, each other - we feel loneliness, fear, anger, frustration, and grief.  These are the feelings that give substance to the thoughtforms in our mind and create our physical life experience.

Now that we know what's causing the problem - not something "out there" but an error or interruption in our perception - what can we do to correct it?

In Part 1 I also talked about my own experience with PTSD and the resulting feelings of extreme depression and suicidal thoughts and behaviors. 

Although my personal experience with PTSD was rather severe, the techniques I used to correct my perception can be applied to all aspects of life. I realized that everyone has PTSD - because we all have memories that create feelings of fear, closing the gateway of the Heart, and interfering with the feedback loop that creates our physical experience.

You might remember that I was studying law of attraction and attempting to apply those laws to heal my Heart and Mind.  What I discovered about LOA is that it is based upon belief in separation.  After all, in order to "attract" something you must first be separate from it.

Also, when the movie "The Secret" came out, I found the emphasis on material wealth and finding a "soul mate" did not sit well with what my Heart truly desired.

So I went to sleep one night asking God/Source/The Universe to show me a way to find and create the life my Heart desires - the perfect life or blueprint written in my own Soul.

I woke up with the Heartcompass Life Navigation System complete in my Mind.  I went out and bought a few office supplies I needed for the Life Navigation Kit, and started using it.

Long story short - I now live in a tiny house in the foothills of the Siskiyou mountains in Southern Oregon, doing work that I love, close to nature, with plenty of time for meditation, writing, and just 'being'.

The Heartcompass Life Navigation System for
Creating a Mind With Heart

Now I'm going to demonstrate how I use the Life Navigation System, and tell you where to see some of the results other people have experienced when I taught them how to use it, too.

The Heartcompass Life Navigation System is a three step process you can use to :

  1. Identify fear based beliefs giving substance to the thoughtforms in your Mind.
  2. Access the Heart for Love based Truth to replace the fear based beliefs.
  3. Test and install the Love based Truth in your subconscious Mind where it will remain on autopilot, creating the life your Heart truly desires.

Identifying fear based beliefs requires a bit of self awareness and emotional intelligence.  You can learn more about that here, but for now let me just give you an example of how I do this.

Earlier this morning I was feeling some doubt and anxiety about teaching and promoting my online Course. So I sat down at my computer, opened my Heartcompass Owner's Manual to page 26, the Life Navigator's Chart, and started writing down what I was thinking.

The Owner's Manual is a gift when you join the Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart. And it's free to join.

This is what the Life Navigator's Chart looks like on my computer:

On the virtual post it notes (that comes with the Windows 7 operating system) I wrote:

"I don't want to do this any more"

"I want to write a book, design permaculture landscapes, produce documentaries” 

“I DO NOT want to teach metaphysics any more!"

(note: If you don't have sticky notes on your computer, you can use physical post it notes and stick them to the Off Course side of the chart)

Many of us have these fantasies, about escaping from something that we either really don't want, or from the stress caused by self doubt, fears of failure, or even success.

How do I know these are fear based beliefs and not the Truth?

Because of how they make me FEEL.

False fear based beliefs are thoughts that create feelings of fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, despair, etc.  Which these definitely did for me.

Now that I have identified some false fear based beliefs (or FFBBs), it's time to access my Heart for the Love based Truth ABOUT THESE FFBBs.

The first thing we need to do so we can access the Heart is create something called "Heart Coherence".  Heart coherence is a term coined by the Institute of Heartmath that refers to a state of inner ease, resulting in an electromagnetic Heart Field that is "coherent" or free from stress and static.

Years ago, before I knew about Heartmath and the electromagnetic field of the Heart, I would simply create an inner state of peace and well being by imagining the situation created by the FFBB's in my Mind as perfectly resolved.

So this morning, I focused on my Heart, took a nice deep breath, closed my eyes, and imagined myself as a published author, saw myself designing permaculture landscapes for owners of Tiny Houses (because that's a passion of mine), and saw myself interviewing interesting people for documentaries about positive environmental change (which I have done and loved).

As I did this I noticed a small smile came to my lips, and I was feeling very peaceful and happy.

Once I achieved this state, I opened my eyes, looked at the Post It Notes, and asked my Heart for the Love based Truth about what I had written on them.  Then I closed my eyes, took another deep breath, and got back into a coherent state by re-imagining my perfect images and resolution of the problem.

At this point, it's important to remain in Heart coherence, and LISTEN.

The Heart speaks in images and feelings. Those images and feelings are transmitted to your brain from the Heart using both chemical and energetic signals (via the Heart's electromagnetic field). Your brain will translate those signals into words for you.

When you hear those words, the next step is to write them down.

So I did that, and here is what I heard : 

"Ilana Moss, published author, permaculture specialist, and successful documentary producer, is here with us today to talk about her Heartcompass Life Navigation System and why humanity needs a Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover - and what you can do about it!"

I wrote those words in Notepad, placing it on the On Course side of my Life Navigator's Chart, and read them out loud.  While reading them out loud, I noticed how those words felt to me.

(note: You can use physical 3x5 index cards if you prefer.)

At first, I protested - "I am not an author! I have not completed my permaculture certification!" etc.

When this happens, it's important to write these thoughts down on Post It Notes and put them on the Off Course side with the rest of the FFBB's.

Now it's time for Round 2!

I decided to get up and wash some dishes and mull it over a bit.  For me, washing dishes, the warm soapy water, gets me into a meditative state. You can take a walk or have a cup of tea or whatever works for you.

While doing the dishes, I asked my Heart for the Love based Truth about these new FFBB's.

Here is what I heard:

"The things you say you want or all 'DOING'

It is not the DOING that matters, it is the Being!


When I heard those words I felt at peace, so I went back to my laptop and wrote those down in my notepad, and read them out loud.

It felt VERY GOOD! Peaceful, and happy - and TRUE.

When you feel those feelings, you know you have a Love based Truth.

Now, it's time to install that Love based Truth into your subconscious Mind, and throw away the FFBBs.

To do this, I simply save the Love based Truth I wrote in my notepad in a folder I created on my laptop.  And the FFBBs?  Just delete the Post It Notes.  Gone!

It's really important to do this because, remember, the body is a communications device.

I used my body to write fear based beliefs on Post It Notes and put them on the Off course side of my Life Navigators Chart.

This turns the invisible thoughts into something tangible that I can see and touch. Putting them on the Chart tells the subconscious Mind that these are Off Course, and it starts to create a new pathway or habit in the brain.

Writing the Love based Truth in notepad and reading it out loud allows you to test it, identify deeper FFBBs, and confirm when you have a Love based Truth.

Then, filing it away tells the subconscious Mind to "keep this" while forming a new habit and pathway in the brain.

And we're done!

Completing this session with the Life Navigation Kit and moving forward into my day with gratitude for receiving the Love based Truth frees up a lot of energy for accomplishing whatever it is I decide to do. And whatever I do is given substance with the feelings of creativity, giving, and connecting with God and with others.

Want to know what kind of results other people have experienced?

Click on the Heart Champ >>

In Part 3 of Why Humanity Needs A Total Heart Mind Body Soul Makeover (and what you can do about it) I will show you how I integrate the Heartcompass Life Navigation System with other Heart centered healing techniques to accelerate and amplify my results.

Over the years I have studied and applied Law of Attraction, Healing Codes, EFT,  Ho'opono'pono, the Compassion Key, and Heartmath.  If I ever found something more effective or powerful than A Mind With Heart I would have started teaching that instead.  

But what I found is that they work amazingly well together.  The Life Navigation System seems to fill in the gaps, and makes any heart centered healing technique more powerful (including Law of Attraction - IF it's heart centered!).

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