Emotional Intelligence: It's More Than Just Managing Your Emotions...

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) means knowing - through experience - what emotions are, where they come from, why we have them, and the role they play in our lives.

The concept of "EQ" was introduced to the general public by Daniel Goleman with his book entitled, "Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ"

Mr. Goleman's approach focuses on managing emotions to increase personal effectiveness and performance. In his view, utilizing skills to keep emotions under control leads to clearer thinking, better decision making, and healthier relationships.

The book sparked a flurry of interest and research into the area of emotional intelligence, emotions, and ways to manage or control them.

It also led those in the field of metaphysics to give more attention to how the metaphysical mind is affected by emotions, and how emotional intelligence can play a role in our perceptions and the manifestation of physical reality.

Emotions are non-physical, and therefore fall within the realm of metaphysics and metaphysical studies. Science, being confined to the observable, measurable and quantifiable, has claimed that emotions are caused by the brain and/or chemicals in the body. However, more recent research has revealed that the brain and body are affected by our emotional reactions and responses to events and our memories of them, not the other way around.

If this is true, then where do our emotions come from?

In the blockbuster movie "The Secret" which explores the law of attraction (a law of the physical Universe of duality or separation) it is explained that humans have an "emotional inner guidance system".

This "inner guidance system" consists of but two core emotions: fear and Love. The terms "negative" and "positive" can also be used.

According to "The Secret", negative emotions are indicators that what we are thinking about is not something that we want or desire in our life. Positive emotions indicate the opposite, letting us know when our thoughts are in alignment with our desires.

Since thoughts are the DNA of the Universe, and emotions are the signals that activate thought, it is explained in the movie that choosing our thoughts using emotion as guidance will allow us to create the life of our dreams.

What "The Secret" does not explain or explore is who or what is providing the "guidance"?

According to the teachers in this film, we observe our reality, make choices about what we want, then bring our thoughts into alignment with our choices using our "emotional guidance system".

The problem with this explanation is that it totally misses the first step: Who or what is doing the choosing? Who or what is deciding what we really want?

This is a question I have often asked myself;

Where do I get my ideas of what I want? Are the things I think I want a result of others (including media, peers, parents, teachers, etc.) telling me that having those things will make me happy? Or is it my own soul or spirit, choosing what is for the best and highest good of myself and others? And how do I tell the difference?

The true "secret" I have discovered is not in knowing what I really want, but in knowing who I really am.

The dualistic, polarized nature of the human mind and the never-ending see-saw of human emotions keeps us on a roller coaster ride of wanting-getting, wanting more-getting more, and on and on forever, until we finally come to the realization that getting stuff is not what makes us happy.

Remembering who we really are, we remember that we are the happiness we desire; we are the love that we seek; we are the health and true wealth that we thought we wanted, but always had within us.

This is the emotional intelligence that sets us free. This is the EQ that reveals that it is feeling from the Heart, not reacting from the head, that will get us from where we are now to where we want to be next, moving us into the next moment of now.

The Heartmath Institute calls this kind of intelligence "Heart intelligence".

I call it "Heartcompass", because it is the inner knowing of who I am and what my Heart desires.

Whatever you want to call it, achieving accurate EQ (emotional intelligence) and moving on to HQ (Heart intelligence) will empower your life in ways that you may not yet be able to imagine, bringing inner peace, health, joy and abundance in the truest way possible.

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Heartmath: Discover how a change of heart changes everything!
Tools and technology that reduce stress and enhance your well-being. The most extensive scientific research available to enhance your emotional intelligence.

Redirect Your Mind - With Inner Guidance From The Heart
The Heartcompass LifeNavigation System: A simple yet powerful technique using your Heartcompass (Heart intelligence) to choose thoughts and beliefs that work FOR you! Now available as an eCourse delivered straight to your email inbox. An easy and very effective way to learn about and apply emotional intelligence (and Heart intelligence) to your life.

~~ How Thoughts Become Things: Thoughts are the DNA of the Universe.
Thoughts become things when they are activated by signals from the heart. The only way to choose thoughts that will lead to inner peace, health, prosperity, personal effectiveness and happiness is by asking the metaphysical Heart, and allowing spirit to choose them for you.

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