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The Institute of HeartMath provides scientific research, education, and high tech resources for developing heart centered living skills.

I discovered the Heartmath Institute after creating and using the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System for almost a year. I wanted to understand why and how the System worked so well and so powerfully in my own life, and in other people's lives. Scientific research doesn't make a product or system work any better, but it does put the mind, which wants to know and understand things, at ease.

If you haven't tried the LifeNavigation System yet, join the Foundation For Creating A Mind With Heart today, take the online Course, download the EBook, and sign up for the Heartcompass Secrets newsletter. The LifeNavigation System allows you to identify false fear-based beliefs in the mind and replace them with Love-based Truth by accessing the Heart.

Accessing Heart intelligence is what Heartmath is all about. While using the LifeNavigation System, I sometimes thought how helpful it might be to have a feedback device that would let me know when I had achieved Heart coherence. Heart coherence is necessary for accessing Heart intelligence.

Lo and behold, I came across the Institute of Heartmath, which developed and now markets an amazing little device called emWave. The emWave is a small, handheld device that monitors and aids in the development of personal heart coherence.

It won the People’s Choice Competition for the Last Gadget Standing Award at the Consumer Electronics Show 2009. - beating out the iPad and the hottest new cell phones!

Combine the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System with the Heartmath emWave to maximize your results, and to increase the effectiveness of the System and the emWave. Together they will work wonders for relieving stress (the cause of all disease) increasing performance, and achieving personal health and well being.

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To learn more about Heartmath and the emWave watch these videos.

Visit HeartMath to learn more and get the emWave now.

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