Heart Intelligence is a higher level of intelligence that supports physical, mental and emotional well being.

heart intelligence

Heart Intelligence can be accessed using simple practices and intentions that create a state called "heart coherence" - connecting the Heart and Mind.

"Heart coherence" is a term created by the Institute of HeartMath, a scientific research organization that studies qualities of the heart that have a powerful impact upon personal happiness, health, and performance.

HeartMath scientists discovered that the heart does much more than just pump blood throughout the body.

The human heart emits an electromagnetic field that surrounds the entire body and extends at least fifteen feet in every direction. This field sends signals to every cell in the body, affecting physical, mental, and emotional health and well being.

The human heart field also interacts with and is affected by the electromagnetic field of the Earth, as well as other people, plants, animals - anything that has electromagnetic qualities - which includes pretty much everything, including space, planets and even stars.

Exactly how and to what degree our individual heart fields are affected by the environment is still under investigation. However, it is clear beyond a doubt that this field connects all of us to each other, the Earth, and space in ways we don't yet fully understand.

We do know that humans that intentionally create heart coherence in their own field have an impact upon their own health and well being. Creating heart coherence also has a positive impact upon those around us. The extent to which creating individual coherence can have an impact on global coherence is being tested now by the Institute of HeartMath.

The electromagnetic human heart field is a powerful source of energy and information that literally tells all the cells in our body what to do. It exists within and is a part of a Universal ocean of energy and information, which can be accessed by the human mind under the right circumstances.

The information that can be accessed by the Mind via the Heart is what we call "heart intelligence". It includes and transcends the information we gain through the five physical senses, adding a new dimension to human intelligence that expands human consciousness and empowers the Mind.

Access Heart Intelligence by Creating A Mind With Heart

  • A Mind with Heart overcomes the Illusion of Separation and sees the connection in all things.  
  • A Mind with Heart has access to infinite energy, intelligence, and Source. 
  • A Mind with Heart receives inner guidance and experiences inner peace. 
  • A Mind with Heart creates a world of abundance, happiness, and well being.

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Watch Metaphysics for Life Lesson 105 - Heart Intelligence.

Watch Science of the Heart with HeartMath's Rollin McCraty

Learn more about the Institute of Heartmath.

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Biosphere consciousness and Heart Intelligence - Keith Gordon
"Our hearts produce an electromagnetic field which extends beyond our body that is identical to that produced by the Earth...

This is scientific proof that humans are far more intimately connected to the planet than we currently think.

If humanity is in the midst of a revolution (and evolution) in consciousness that entails an emergence of a collective empathetic connection between all living things in the biosphere, then the human heart is the fundamental place where that revolution is realized. The technology is not the catalyst; our own hearts are."


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