Quantum Healing: Use Quantum Science To Heal Body and Mind

quantum healing

Quantum Healing is a term used to describe healing practices that utilize the principles of Quantum Theory and Quantum Mechanics.

Quantum theory states that when the Mind observes a set of circumstances or phenomena, it has an impact on the outcome ("the observer effect"). The impact the Mind will have upon the outcome will be determined by the state of Mind of the observer.

In Quantum Healing, the Mind is the primary instrument used to heal the body. The Mind of the "healer" (yourself or another) must be in a "healthy" state if it is to have a healing effect on the body.

Illness or disease in the human body is almost always caused by this thing we call "stress". But what is stress?

There are many definitions for stress, but for our purposes here I prefer this one, "Stress occurs when our beliefs, or what we think is true, are in conflict with what we know to be true in our own Heart."

When the Mind is in a state of stress (false or inaccurate beliefs) it will have a negative impact upon the body. This can create illness or disease.

When the Mind is in a state of appreciation and well being, it will have a positive effect upon the body and can result in healing.

Knowing how to create a healthy state of Mind is the only secret you need to know to effectively use Quantum Healing in your own life.

Identifying false fear-based beliefs and replacing them with Love-based Truth from the Heart will create a healthy Mind. When a healthy, peaceful, appreciative Mind observes an illness or disease in the body it will have a healing effect upon that condition or disease.

This is the observer effect in action, and can account for so-called "miracle cures", energy healing, spiritual healing, and even the placebo effect.

While the term Quantum Healing might be new, the underlying principles, both spiritual and scientific, have been known to humankind for many thousands of years.

Oriental medicine, Indian or Vedic healing techniques, and to some extent even religious faith healing, are all based upon a deep human knowing that the Mind has a powerful impact upon the body.

Modern science gives us access to evidence gained through experiment, demonstrating how this process might occur. Even the most skeptical among us can be healed with Quantum Healing methods when enough evidence is presented to satisfy the Mind!

Of all the scientific research conducted into the effects of the Mind on health and the body, the newest and most significant is about what happens when the Mind and Heart are connected.

Since 1991 the Institute of Heartmath has been demonstrating that a Mind which has access to positive, loving, and appreciative emotions from the Heart experiences less stress, and creates healthy conditions in the body.

The Heart is our Source for Love-based Truth

( see Heart Intelligence ). A Mind With Heart has access to Love-based Truth, can replace fear-based beliefs that cause illness and disease, and can heal the body. You can do this for yourself!

Quantum Healing has been around for a long time. Your Mind is having a direct impact on your body right now. The only question is - is it the kind of impact that you want in your life?

If not, learn how to do something about that right now!

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Quantum Touch: Quantum Healing with Hands
Quantum Touch is a form of healing that uses the hands to direct Love-based energies from the Heart to specific areas of the body. Creating A Mind With Heart and using Quantum Touch is a powerful combination!

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