What Is Metaphysics?
Find Definitions, History, The Branches of Philosophy, and read "Metaphysics" by Aristotle online.

What is metaphysics? Why study it, and what has it become in modern times?

Metaphysics is the study of the true nature of reality, existence, and who we really are. Reality is how we perceive our physical life experience. If we do not perceive correctly, we cannot make the proper decisions and take the proper actions to ensure our survival and success.

What began as a philosophical endeavor to answer the Big Questions of who we really are, why we are here, where we came from, and the true nature of our physical world and experience, has been transformed by the development and use of science and technology.

The basic nature of the body, the mind, our emotions and how we perceive the physical world can now be measured and observed using instruments and technology that could not be imagined in Aristotle's time (or Kant, or Hume, or any of the other big names in philosophy).

Quantum theory and quantum physics have added new dimensions to what we now call metaphysical science, providing us with tested and proven models that demonstrate how our physical world is not really physical.

Neuroscience and consciousness studies have shown how the world we experience as physical is created by thought and feeling in the mind. And worldwide endeavors such as The Intention Experiment and The Global Coherence Initiative are demonstrating the impact of human thought and emotion upon our planet and each other.

Metaphysics has taken on new meaning in an age of rapid change and planetary interconnectedness. Answering the questions of who we really are and the true nature of our existence is no longer a personal issue. These questions and how we answer them are now first and foremost in whether or not humanity can survive and flourish on this planet in a healthy and civilized manner.

Metaphysics For Life is about the role that metaphysics can play in making your life experience a better one.

Use the resources you will find here to help you remember who you really are, why you are here, and your true relationship with others and the world we live in together. Then use what you learn to make a better world - not just for yourself, because as you will discover, we really are all connected!

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~~ Metaphysics: What Is Reality?
At this point in our conscious evolution, metaphysics has taken its place as the most comprehensive and most effective means of gaining knowledge and understanding or who we really are, why we are here, and the true nature of the physical Universe that we can perceive from our present point of view.

~~Modern Metaphysics: Exploring True Nature of Reality with Science and Technology.
Is it possible that modern metaphysics, science and technology, are finally catching up to (and confirming) what the wisest philosophers and spiritual teachers figured out long ago? What is metaphysics becoming in modern times?

~~ The Definition of Metaphysics
As science continues to delve deeply into the true nature of matter and energy, it seems more and more likely that the physical universe we perceive with our five senses may itself be metaphysical. As our understanding of the nature of our universe evolves, so does the definition of metaphysics!

~~ The History of Metaphysics: Answering the Age Old Questions. 
The History of Metaphysics begins with the age old questions asked by humans throughout time: Who am I? Why am I here? What is the true nature of the world I see?

~~ An Introduction To Metaphysics:  Listen to an audio recording of "Introduction to Metaphysics" by Henri Bergson.

~~ Metaphysics by Aristotle: Read it online here..Metaphysics is the title of a book written by Greek Philosopher Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC). Aristotle called his work "First Philosophy"; thoughts on first cause and the nature of being. The book was renamed "Metaphysics" or literally "after the physics" when it was published together with, and placed after, Aristotle's works on nature or "the physical".

~~ Five Branches of Philosophy -
Metaphysics - the study of the true nature of reality - forms the basis from which we perceive and give meaning to our world. As such, how we understand metaphysics forms the foundation for all other philosophical studies, and how we apply our resulting belief systems to our lives.

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