The Zero Point Field: Evidence That Everything Is Connected

zero point field

Discovery of the zero point field by physicists has led to a revision of how we think about the body, the mind, and our relationship with nature and the universe.

Scientific exploration into the field of quantum physics, and the discovery of the zero point field of energy, is providing us with evidence that everything we experience in the physical universe is, in fact, connected.

However, science must face an impossible challenge as it tries to explore the true nature of the universe at this level. That challenge is; we must use the physical manifestations of that which we are trying to observe - our physical senses, and the tools and instruments we create to enhance our ability to perceive.

It's like trying to look at your own head with your own eyes.

The best you can do is to observe the reflection in a mirror, and draw conclusions from a two dimensional representation of your three dimensional head.

You will never be able to see your own head with your own eyes.

Likewise, the tools scientists must use to observe the universe will never really be able to see it. But they can observe the image or reflection that is the physical manifestation of the Mind.

One of the most complete and understandable investigations into quantum physics, and the discovery of the zero point field (a field of energy that appears to connect all things), was made by Lynne McTaggart.

In her book, "The Field", she describes scientific evidence that points to a world view in which consciousness creates reality, all things are connected, and the universe we live in is a hologram.

Reading this book in 2003 was a turning point in my own life. It dramatically changed the way I perceived myself and the world around me. It empowered me in ways that no self-help, personal growth, or individual coaching or counseling ever could.

Although science can never give us an experience of who we really are, it can hold up a mirror in which we can see a clearer and more detailed reflection.

Remembering that we are not the reflection we see with our brain, it becomes possible to look back upon ourselves with the Heart, and experience our power, connectedness, and oneness reflected in the zero point field.

There is a Zero Point in the human Heart that gives us access to inner guidance and accurate perception of the physical world.

Accessing the Heart for a more true and accurate perception of the true nature of your reality can be accomplished in a number of ways.

Meditation, spending time alone in nature, gardening, art, music, one of the many techniques developed by others - or physical activities like sports or dance. Use your intuition and inner guidance to explore and find what's right for you.

You can learn more about how the human Heart can connect the Mind to the zero point field by joining the Foundation For Creating A Mind With Heart.

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Read This Book:
McTaggart, an investigative journalist (What Doctors Don't Tell You), describes scientific discoveries that she believes point to a unifying concept of the universe, one that reconciles mind with matter, classic Newtonian science with quantum physics and, most importantly, science with religion. At issue is the zero point field, the so-called "dead space" of microscopic vibrations in outer space as well as within and between physical objects on earth. These fields, McTaggart asserts, are a "cobweb of energy exchange" that link everything in the universe; they control everything from cellular communication to the workings of the mind, and they could be harnessed for unlimited propulsion fuel, levitation, ESP, spiritual healing and more.

Welcome To ZPEnergy: The Energy of the Future
This is a NEWS PORTAL dedicated to experimental research on REVOLUTIONARY ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES. We propose to you to use this site as THE concentrator of choice for valuable news on the fascinating but still controversial subject of over-unity (O/U) fuel-less energetics (devices tapping the Zero Point Energy (ZPE)/ Vacuum/ Cosmic/ Ambient energy fields) and related. We want to let the general public know that this is an active field and good progress is made towards validating this technology and bringing the first commercial operational device to the market.

What The Bleep Do We Know?
First released in theaters in 2004, WTBDWK!? went on to become one of the most successful documentaries of all time. Now distributed in over 30 countries, it has stunned audiences with its revolutionary cinematic blend of dramatic film, documentary, animation and comedy, while serving up a mind-jarring blend of Quantum Physics, spirituality, neurology and evolutionary thought.

Whole Science: Discover The Power Of You
We offer self development through science- allowing you to discover for yourself the incredible new findings from parapsychology and consciousness research. "Because Whole Science draws on objective, credible research it has had a huge impact on my beliefs about what really is possible..." - Phil, UK

Are we ready for Zero Point Energy technology? Watch this compelling documentary (1997) and decide for yourself.

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