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My name is Ilana Moss. I am the owner of Heartcompass Enterprises, creator of the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System, author of Metaphysics-for-Life.com, and administrator for the Mind With Heart Virtual Learning Center.

The one aspect of my life that I believe has contributed the most to my work is that I am an adult child of Holocaust survivors. I can describe myself as a "vicarious Holocaust survivor" because the stories my father told me as a young child were experienced by my vulnerable mind at the time as very "real".

As a result, I grew up suffering from PTSD, while living a comfortable and privileged upper middle class life in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.

I was not diagnosed with PTSD until my 40th birthday, when my now ex-husband served me with divorce papers. This experience exacerbated the symptoms of my PTSD so they could no longer be ignored. Fortunately, a counselor I was seeing who specialized in PTSD recognized the symptoms, and helped me diagnose the problem.

This experience taught me the tremendous power of thought and emotion, and how it shapes our lives. Unfortunately, none of the so-called "treatments" for PTSD at the time addressed the root cause of the disorder - that is, the false fear-based beliefs that create the stress that leads to disease and dysfunctional behaviors.

At that time, I was an avid student of the Law of Attraction (before the movie The Secret came out). I wasn't willing to settle for learning to live with PTSD, so I asked for a "cure" - something that would totally heal my heart and mind.

One night I went to bed and voiced my desire. In the morning, I awoke with what I now call the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System fully formed in my mind.

I went out and bought some inexpensive office supplies, put the thing together, and started using it right away.

The results were so mind blowing, I just had to know what it really was and how it worked. That led to my exploration of the science of the Heart and the Mind, and eventually the field of metaphysics.

Today, I have a website called Metaphysics-for-Life.com that attracts over 10 thousand visitors each month and is growing. I just built the Mind With Heart Virtual Learning Center using Moodle software, and have 45 students so far taking the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System Course. I also have a Youtube channel with over 40,000 video views, a Facebook page with over 500 members, and a Twitter account with nearly 1000 followers.

But it wasn't easy getting to this point.

When I first started Heartcompass Enterprises and started teaching the Heartcompass, I imagined I would become fabulously successful and wealthy. But the LifeNavigation System wasn't done with me yet!

In 2007, I lost my home in the foreclosure crisis. That experience led me to examine the false fear-based beliefs I and so many others hold about money, the economy, property, work, and so on. It's incredibley complicated, and it took a while to untangle the mess using the Heartcompass. Although I've made progress, I continue to work on these issues, as well as complicated thought patterns and feelings around relationships, sexuality, health, and spirituality.

The point is, I'm not going to wait until I'm perfect before I share this fabulous System with other people! In fact, I have found that others have taken it and achieved even better results than I ever have - in some cases, much better.

Today I live a simple lifestyle in the foothills and mountains of Southern Oregon. I live in a "tiny house" with no rent or mortgage to pay, no job, no debt, and no bills. I live next to a creek, and have the sights and sounds of nature to keep me company when I'm not in town attending meetings, shopping, or visiting friends. It's a quiet life, one that won't appeal to everyone, and some might not view as "successful". But it's my life, and I'm good with that.

So please take a look at all the stuff I've created here, and let me know if we might work together. Hope to hear from you soon!

Ilana Moss
Heartcompass Enterprises
The Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart

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