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Learning how to use metaphysics in your life is one of the most valuable contributions you can make at this time to the future of humanity and our planet!

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About the Teacher:

Ilana Moss has a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Education, plus 20 years of post grad work and education in metaphysics and communications. She is the author of, and the creator of the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System, Heartcompass Enterprises, and the Foundation For Creating A Mind With Heart. Ilana is an active member of the Tiny House Movement, supporter of Resource Based economics, mother of one amazing daughter, and lives in Southern Oregon with her wolf-dog, Guinevere.

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Video Lesson 101 - Intro to Metaphysics for Life

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Video Lesson 102 - How It REALLY Works!

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Video Lesson 103 - The One Universal Mind

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Video Lesson 104 - What Is Remote Viewing and Influencing?
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Video Lesson 105 - Heart Intelligence
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