Spiritual Metaphysics:
How Everything Is Connected.

Many aspects of the physical world were once beyond the range of human perception. Spiritual metaphysics is the study of those aspects of human experience that are still considered "non-physical" or "spiritual" only because our physical senses, research and technology cannot as yet measure or detect them.

Ancient spirituality and religions are systems of belief that attempt to explain the human spiritual experience. All religions arise from the illusion of separation, because that is the nature of human experience in the physical form.

We experience ourselves as separate beings, separate from each other, separate from "God", and from the physical Universe. It is impossible from this viewpoint of separation to perceive the true nature of who we really are, of matter and energy, and of the life force in everything that we have labeled "God".

As science looks deeper into the nature of matter and energy, it becomes evident that the physical world is in fact non-physical, or metaphysical. The line between physical and spiritual (non-physical) is being erased.

As we dig deeper into the true nature of "reality" it is becoming clear that the separation of body, mind, and spirit is an illusion. These are all simply aspects of one thing or being. Spiritual metaphysics takes us closer to understanding and applying this information in our everyday lives.

Explore the links below and watch the short video to learn more about Spiritual Metaphysics and how everything is connected.

~~ The Metaphysics of Spirit: The study of the Mind-Heart connection. The study and practice of the metaphysics of spirit, if it directs one to the heart, can lead to an experience of mind enlightened by spirit.

~~ Spirit and Your Soul - How the Body Mind Spirit and Soul "feedback loop" creates your physical life experience.

~~ The Body Mind Spirit Connection : The Body Mind Spirit Connection happens when you connect to your Heart. Your Heart is also the "seat of your soul".

~~ Spiritual Heart: The Spiritual Heart is a gateway, a connecting point, the "wormhole" if you will, that brings the spiritual into physical experience. 

~~ New Age Spirituality: New Age Spirituality is in many ways a combination of metaphysical, scientific, and religious approaches to the human search for understanding of nature, the Universe, and human life.

~~ Inner Peace: Inner peace is achieved with inner guidance. Inner guidance is accessing the Heart center and allowing spirit to choose your thoughts for you. Spirit is who you really are, therefore when you access inner guidance you are actually accessing your true self. 

~~ Developing Intuition: It is only very recently that intuition - the "inner captain", that quality that allows us to tap into the subconscious mind, receive guidance and inspiration, and make high calibre decisions and choices - has been generally recognized, accepted, and given the attention it so deeply deserves. 

~~ Sacred Geometry: Sacred geometry is useful in applying spiritual metaphysics to life because it facilitates the connection of mind to heart, or spirit. 

~~ Creating Sacred Spaces: Whenever you create Love-based feeling in the Heart (by combining thought and emotion) you overcome the Illusion of fear. Overcoming the Illusion of separation and fear allows you to perceive everything in your experience as sacred space. 

~~ Study Kabbalah (for free): The Science of Spirit and Soul. The era of Illusion of Separation in the Mind is coming to a close. People everywhere are ready to accept the Truth they can only find within. The study and practice of Kabbalah is a scientific, time tested, and proven method to achieve this important goal. 

~~ Spiritual Nutrition: Spiritual nutrition is about whole foods, and the energetic qualities of the food. It is also about our relationship with the foods we eat, and the information our bodies get from eating fresh, whole, organic foods - especially if we grow them ourselves. 

~~ Attitude of Gratitude: An Attitude of Gratitude is the key to opening the gateway of the Spiritual Heart. This system of thought opens the gateway of the spiritual Heart, allowing access to higher qualities such as intuition, inner peace and guidance, and inspiration. 

~~ Giving and Receiving: When you look at the symbol for infinity, and imagine energy flowing through it from one side to the other and back again, which side can you say is the giver? Which side is the receiver? The answer is - they both are! 

~~ Giving From The Heart: To give from the Heart means to give without fear. Giving from the Heart creates feelings of connection and contributes to overall health and well being. 

~~ Anthroposophy: Science of the Human Spirit. Rudolph Steiner's scientific exploration into the spiritual nature of man has led to the development of many practical disciplines including; Waldorf Education, Biodynamic Agriculture, Bio-architecture, Complimentary Medicine, Eurythmy (a form of therapeutic dance) and Socially Responsible Investing. 

~~ Dark Night of the Soul: If you are on a spiritual journey - using spiritual metaphysics or whatever path you have chosen to discover the true nature of reality - eventually you may encounter the Dark Night of the Soul; that moment when you don't yet know who you are, but you do know what you are not.

Watch this 2 minute "Daily Prayer for Peace of Mind".  Memorize and use it daily to dissolve the Illusion of Separation in your own Mind, and bring feelings of inner peace to your Heart.

Watch more videos about spiritual metaphysics, metaphysical science, and creating "A Mind With Heart" at A Mind With Heart Channel on Youtube. The official Youtube channel for Metaphysics for Life.

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