The nature of Giving and Receiving

giving and receiving

Like the symbol for infinity, giving and receiving are actually one thing with polarized or dualistic aspects.

When you look at the symbol for infinity, and imagine energy flowing through it from one side to the other and back again, which side can you say is the giver? Which side is the receiver?

The answer is - they both are!

Giving cannot occur without a receiver. Receiving, therefore, is actually an act of giving. Receiving gives the act of giving someplace to go.

In truth, only giving exists. In the physical Universe, where we experience the illusion of separation, it appears that one person can give an object, such as money, and receive something in exchange, such as clothing or food.

If you examine this "exchange" closely, you will notice that the only action that occurs is giving. One gives money, and the other gives the money someplace to go. The other gives food or clothing, and the other gives the food and clothes someplace to go.

The need for exchange is created by the mind which believes the illusion of separation.

In nature we do not observe exchange, only giving.

The sun shines, the plants grow and make flowers and fruits, the animals eat the plants and make more creatures. It is all giving.

Imagine what would happen if the sun started printing money and told the plants they must now exchange money for sunshine? Or if the sun gave the money to the plants, and the plants loaned the money to the bees and animals and said no food or nectar unless you give us back the dollars...with interest of course.

How long do you think nature would survive? It wouldn't, not for long anyway. Certainly not for millions of years.

I realize this sounds ridiculous, and it should.

This is what we humans have done to ourselves. We have forgotten who we really are...the creators of our own Universe, and that it is only by giving that we can and do create and receive. In your own life, pay attention to the times you are "receiving", and notice how you are actually "giving" that which is being given someplace to go.

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~~ Giving From The Heart.
Scientific studies show that giving from the heart, without strings attached or expecting something in return, results in the release of hormones such as oxytocin - also known as "the cuddle hormone". Science has also found that giving with expectations of getting something in return, such as exchanging money for necessities, products, or services, activates the area of the brain associated with pain.

'Tis Better To Give Than To Receive? Science research says "yes!"
Is it really more rewarding to give than to receive? As this ScienCentral News video reports, brain imaging research is unwrapping what's behind the joy of giving.

Inspiration: Giving and Receiving, Quotes, Books, Videos
"Before giving, the mind of the giver is happy; while giving, the mind of the giver is made peaceful; and having given, the mind of the giver is uplifted." -Buddha - Read an inspirational story about giving...

For Parents and Teachers: Mr Roger's Neighborhood.
For some children, being a generous giver and a gracious receiver are natural. But other children may need more time and more help from us -- not because they are selfish, but because they have trouble letting go. When we show children we care about their feelings and that we enjoy giving and receiving, we help them understand how much we receive when we give and how much we give when we receive. -- Fred Rogers

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