You Are Creating Sacred Spaces when you create Love-based Feeling in the Heart.

creating sacred spaces

Creating sacred spaces requires the use of thought and emotion.

There exist only two emotions: Love and fear. Fear itself is Love turned inside out and upside down in the Mind. Fear creates the Illusion of Separation.

Whenever you create Love-based feeling in the Heart (by combining thought and emotion) you overcome the Illusion of fear. Overcoming the Illusion of separation and fear allows you to perceive everything in your experience as sacred space.

The process of creating sacred spaces is a feedback system:

~~ At the subconscious level, thought is activated by the emotion of Love.

~~ At the conscious level, the Mind perceives the manifestation of thought activated by Love and creates Love-based feelings in the Heart (gratitude, appreciation, joy, happiness, peace and well-being).

~~ The subconscious Mind receives this feedback from the Heart and uses it to expand and create more Love activated thought experiences.

~~ which are then perceived by the conscious Mind, creating more Love-based feelings in the Heart.

~~ and so on ~~

This is the art and science of creating sacred spaces. It is a teamwork project conducted by the conscious and subconscious Mind, and guided by Spirit (or Who You Really Are). The key to this whole process is to become aware of, and accept, inner guidance from the Heart which is your gateway to your Soul or Spirit. Spirit will direct the subconscious Mind to activate thought with the emotion of Love. Spirit then works through the conscious Mind to experience the results, and to send appropriate, effective feedback to the subconscious Mind.

Spirit is who you really are, therefore all it takes to accomplish this is to intend or decide that it is so. Once you do this, you will find all sorts of things showing up in your life to help you remember who you are, the true nature of the physical and non-physical worlds, and how to create sacred spaces that allow you to experience the manifestations of Love-based feelings and Love activated thoughts.

Get started by checking out the books, video, and links below.

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In book three of The Ringing Cedars Series, Anastasia explains how to create A Space of Love using specific gardening techniques and intentions. The Anastasia books have swept the planet and are changing people's lives every day - helping them create sacred spaces and lifestyles that support health, happiness, prosperity, inner peace and well being.

These books actually confirmed for me many of the principles I have used in my own life for many years. Whether you are just starting out, or have been living spiritually for decades, these books are inspiring and practical on every level!

Buy it now, start creating Sacred Space in your next garden.

Immrama Institute: Brainwave Technology
Create Sacred Space in the Mind. Immrama Institute has developed some of the most effective and affordable brainwave products for increasing awareness, balancing brain hemispheres, relieving stress, improving performance, and opening the Heart. I have used these CD's and recommend them to all my friends!

~~ Feng Shui: The Art and Science of Creating Sacred Spaces
Feng Shui is an ancient tradition that emphasizes the vital importance of interior design in creating living and working spaces that optimize health, wealth, and happiness. Utilizing color, furniture placement, mirrors, plants, art, and personal objects to enhance the flow of life energy through our indoor living spaces, Feng Shui is both practical and beautiful.

Use Feng Shui in the home, garden and office to create balance and sacred space.

~~ Meditation Techniques and Tips: Go Deeper, Faster, Get Results!
Creating sacred spaces can enhance the meditation experience. These tips and techniques can help you get the most out of your time spent meditating, and help you create an inner space that is peaceful and powerful.

Watch this video to experience a guided meditation that helps you feel the Feng Shui in your home and can be used as a tool for creating sacred spaces.

Watch more videos and subscribe to: A Mind With Heart Channel on Youtube. The official Youtube channel of Metaphysics for Life!

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