The Metaphysics of Spirit is the study of the Mind-Heart connection...


The study and practice of the metaphysics of spirit, if it directs one to the heart, can lead to an experience of mind enlightened by spirit.

Words can ever explain what spirit is.

It is only through personal experience that the true nature of spirit - the metaphysics of spirit - can be known.

The only question that remains is, why would you want to have this experience? What benefits could it have for your life?

Remember that the mind is a machine outside of time and space, created to manifest the illusion of separation.

Without spiritual guidance this machine operates on "autopilot". It is empty; without life, without meaning, and without joy. Every human being will experience this at some point in their life. (see "Dark Night of the Soul")

Spirit is always with is who you really are. But the mind has the power to create the illusion of separation; separation from self, from others, and from source.

This is not an evil intention. You have chosen to experience the illusion of separation to know what you are not, and by knowing what you are not, you can know what you are. It's like looking in a mirror to see your reflection. The reflection is not who you are, but it gives you an image to work with.

The images created by a mind without heart (without spirit) will feel empty, dark, never satisfying. The same exact images created by a mind with heart will be filled with the qualities of love, light, truth and life. Foods taste better, the sun shines brighter, people smile at you more often, and life is very good.

While words alone will never give you an experience of the spirit, the exploration of the metaphysics of spirit can direct your attention to the heart.

The gateway of the heart opens when you allow it. It takes no effort or work on your part. Keeping the gateway closed is hard work, allowing it to open is effortless and joyful.

Spirit enters through the gateway of your heart and enlightens your mind, creating a life you find truly worth living.

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A Mind With Heart
~ A Mind with Heart overcomes the Illusion of Separation and sees the connection in all things. ~ A Mind with Heart has access to infinite energy, intelligence, and Source. ~ A Mind with Heart receives inner guidance and experiences inner peace. ~ A Mind with Heart creates a world of abundance, happiness, and well being. Build a new foundation for you life now by creating A Mind With Heart.

The Spiritual Heart
The Spiritual Heart is a gateway, a connecting point, the "wormhole" if you will, that brings the spiritual into physical experience. Before you can "know" and apply the metaphysical aspects of mind and matter, you must open the gateway to spirit, and experience personal guidance, heart intelligence, and inner peace and well being.

Heart Intelligence
Heart Intelligence is a higher level of intelligence that supports physical, mental and emotional well being. Heart Intelligence can be accessed using simple practices and intentions that create a state called "heart coherence" - connecting the Heart and Mind.

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