The Body Mind Spirit Connection

The Body Mind Spirit Connection happens when you connect to your Heart. Your Heart is also the "seat of your soul".

Your Body Mind Spirit and Soul work together to create your physical life experience.  Understanding how this process works can empower you to create a life experience that can be a blessing to you and to others in your life.

Let's begin with the Mind.

Your Mind is the space-time for all manifested and potential thought, feeling, ideas and images to exist.

Your physical life experience is made up of thoughtforms that are given substance by feeling in the Mind. Thought is the energy that gives shape to the things you perceive with your body and brain. Feeling is the energy that gives substance to those thoughtforms. Without feeling your body would be unable to perceive what's in your Mind.

But where do these thoughtforms and feelings come from?

That's where Spirit and your Soul come into play.

Your Soul is the blueprint that contains all the potential thoughtforms for your life experience.  You might think of these thoughtforms as images on a filmstrip or slides.  These images are projected into a form that the body can perceive when light passes through the images or thoughtforms.

Spirit is the light that projects the images stored in your Soul into your Mind, where your body can then perceive them.

Your body is also a thoughtform given substance by feeling in the Mind, and within your body is the Heart - the "seat of your soul", and the connecting point where all the magic happens.

Within your Heart is a zero point, and it's a very special one! The zero point in your Heart connects you to Spirit and your Soul and the infinite zero point field that connects everything that exists.

When you connect to your Heart, you connect to infinite potential, infinite Love, and infinite energy to fulfill your Soul's images - your life.

The zero point in your Heart, and the body mind spirit soul connection, always exists. It's your awareness of this dynamic system and your knowledge and skills that determine how you tap into this powerful reality.

If you are a student of metaphysics then you might already be aware of concepts like mind over matter, thoughts become things, law of attraction, etc. as well as practices like meditation, emotional freedom technique, remote viewing, and much more.

You can find information about all of those things here at Metaphysics for Life - Subscribe to Offramp Updates and get a free STUDY GUIDE.

Join the Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart and get a free ebook with instructions on how to create A Mind With Heart.

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There you will find hours of video lectures with slide presentations that go into greater detail about your heart, mind, body, spirit and soul.

The Body Mind Spirit and Soul Connection is made in the Heart.

Learn more about Heart Intelligence and the Science of the Heart.

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