What Is Spiritual Enlightenment?

Spiritual enlightenment is a state of mind or consciousness that is aware that everything is connected.

Your Mind contains thoughts and feelings that create your physical life experience. Those thoughts and feelings can result in life experiences that either make you feel connected to, or separate from, the products of your perception.

Everything that we experience in this physical life is a result of our perceptions.

For example, we know that light enters the eyes and sends information to the brain that then creates a physical 3D image.  This image appears to be outside of us, but it actually exists only in the Mind, which is the spacetime for all thought, feeling, ideas and images to exist.

The images in our Mind are made up of thought, which creates the form, and feeling, which creates the substance.

Again, for example, the 3D image in your Mind right now has shape, size and structure which is provided by thought or in-formation. And it has color, texture, temperature, taste, smell, and other qualities provided by the substance or vibration of feeling.

The first step or stage of creating physical reality in the Mind always involves the Illusion of Separation.  Without this step we could not experience things as being "out there".  We would not be able to see, hear, taste, touch or smell them.

Illusion of Separation is created in the Mind when thoughtforms are given substance with fear based belief.  Fear based belief is simply Love based Truth turned upside down in the Mind.  Love based Truth is a quality of the Soul, the blueprint or perfect image for our individual and collective lives.  

Fear based belief is created when the Light of Spirit shines through the Soul or blueprint for our lives into the Mind, where it creates physical reality. The Light of Spirit shining through the Soul acts like the light shining through the lens of the eye. At first, it projects the images upside down.

Our Body is made to perceive this Illusion and send the images back to Spirit via the Heart for correction.  This is similar to the process of the brain receiving an upside down image from the eye, and then turning that into a right side up 3D physical image.

This process of turning things right side up again is what we call Spiritual Enlightenment.

Spiritual Enlightenment - turn fear based belief right side up into Love based Truth.

What are some of the ways we can create spiritual enlightenment?

Spiritual enlightenment is the process of perceiving the Illusion of Separation with our Body and sending that information back to Spirit via the Heart for correction.

When the Body perceives images that are given substance with fear based belief we experience "negative" feelings like sadness, anxiety, frustration, anger, and grief.  These feelings are indicators that we are perceiving an "upside down" image that needs correction.

This is a process that begins at the moment of birth and continues until the moment of death, which is the most extreme experience of Illusion of Separation available to us.

Before we are born and after we die we are free to move our point of awareness, or consciousness, throughout space and time.  There is no separation, no "others", and no "out there".  During our physical life experience we can do similar things by remote viewing, where we abandon the senses of the physical body for a short period of time, and by developing our psychic awareness or sixth sense, which is a non physical means of perception.

During the path of our physical life experience, our perception of Illusion of Separation grows and grows.  In the Mind we create a vast reservoir of thought and feeling that appears to be separate or outside of us.  I like to compare this to the life of the caterpillar, which eats and grows, getting bigger and bigger.

At some point, we are given a choice. Within each of us is a "zero point", a connecting point to Source, that exists in the area of the physical heart.  This spiritual Heart, if allowed to open, can be a gateway through which the upside down images of the Illusion of Separation can pass and be turned right side up again in the Mind, creating a physical life experience that we like to call "Heaven on Earth".

This experience of Heaven on Earth takes place any time we perceive something with the Body and allow it to be turned right side up in the Heart, which gives the image substance with Love based Truth. Love based Truth is a quality of the Soul, the perfect image or blueprint for our own life and the lives of others.

Throughout time, humans have discovered a number of ways to give into and support this process of transformation and spiritual enlightenment.  

Meditation is perhaps the oldest and most time honored technique. Today we have access to technology that can enhance the meditation experience.

Research into the true nature and intelligence of the Heart has been going on for more than twenty years now at the Institute of Heartmath. They have developed a number of techniques and technologies for opening the gateway of the Heart and transforming the contents of the Mind from fear based to Love based.

Heartcompass Enterprises and the Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart are organizations I have formed over the past fifteen years to teach simple and affordable practices and techniques for identifying fear based beliefs and tranforming them into Love based Truth via the Heart.

Can spiritual enlightenment increase happiness?

Happiness is a feeling we experience whenever we correctly perceive something in the Mind that is given substance with Love based Truth.

Happiness, joy, well being, and peace are the natural outcomes of the process of spiritual enlightnment.

My favorite definiton of "spirituality" is "the awareness that everything is connected".

The feeling of connection - to others, to God, to nature, to the Universe - is the most powerful source of happiness in life.  Conversely, the feeling of being disconnected, which results when we perceive physical reality from the point of view of Illusion of Separation, is the most potent source of unhappiness and despair.

The good news is that Illusion of Separation, while painful in the moment, is also the vast ocean of resource we need to create Heaven here on Earth.  It is the body of the caterpillar, awaiting metamorphosis via the chrysallis stage into the beautiful and free butterfly.  

Spiritual enlightenment can be experienced when belief is replaced with knowing.

For humans, the transformation that takes place through spiritual enlightenment is a conscious choice.  When the body of the caterpillar (the ego mind) is big enough, a zero point opens up in the Heart and Spirit and our Soul calls to us.

It is up to us to answer.

This opening usually occurs when we are in a state of extreme separation, pain, and sorrow. We can choose to surrender to the call of our Hearts, or we can turn away and continue to increase our experience of separation, pain, and fear which ultimately results in the experience of physical death (and spiritual freedom or release).

When we surrender to the spiritual transformation that occurs through the Heart, we surrender to a process that, over time, replaces belief with knowing.

Belief is what we think we know.  It does not come from direct experience and requires constant fortification and defense.  Belief is the foundation of organized religion, scientific dogma, and repressive societies.

Knowing is direct experience.  The sanskrit word for knowing translates into english as "to go through".  It needs no defense because you "know" what is true. Knowing is the foundation for personal strength, intelligence, creativity, health, happiness and joy.

Belief is replaced with knowing when we use our Body to perceive the Illusion of Separation and send the images via our Heart to our Spirit and Soul, which gives substance to the thoughtforms in the Mind with Love based Truth.

Meditation, remote viewing, Heartmath, and Heartcompass Life Navigation are some of the ways I know of for creating Spiritual Enlightenment.  There are many more, and you will find them as you explore the pages of Metaphysics for Life. Please feel free to share your personal experiences in the comments at the bottom of this page.

What is Spirit?  The things that connect us; Love, Light, Truth and Life. 

Spirit, like God, is one of those things that cannot be adequately explained in words. Some of the qualities of Spirit are Love, Light, Truth and Life.  These are the things that connect us, and that feeling of connection can enlighten us.

To learn more about Spirit, your Mind, Body and Soul, you can return to Spiritual Metaphysics now, or read about the Mind Body Spirit and Soul Connection here.

Also, visit the Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart and learn how to get a free ebook that will teach you how access your Heart and start giving substance to your life with Love based Truth.

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