A Healthy Body Healthy Mind and Healthy Spirit can be yours when you apply Metaphysics to your Life.

Creating a healthy body healthy mind and healthy spirit is about integrating all levels of reality into our approach to nutrition, exercise, health care, and life.

These levels must include the physical and non-physical. Everything we take into our bodies, mind, and spirit has physical aspects detectable by the five senses (taste, touch, hearing, sight and smell) and non-physical aspects experienced by the non-physical senses of intuition, emotion, and other elements of what we call the "sixth sense".

For example:

The foods we eat can be living, rich in bio-photons (light energy) and information needed by the cells in our body. Or, we can eat "dead" foods such as over cooked and processed foods that might fill our stomachs, but not satisfy our hunger.

Our bodies are hungry for more than just carbs, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins. Eating living foods provides enzymes, energy, and signals or information that tells our cells what they need to do to grow and reproduce. Without these non-physical (or metaphysical) elements the body breaks down, ages, and decays.

A healthy mind helps create a healthy body by sending positive signals to the cells. Connecting to the Heart with positive emotion creates a healthy mind by balancing the brain hemispheres and generating a coherent electromagnetic Heart-Mind field. Practicing meditation techniques, both ancient and modern, helps bring the mind into alignment with the Heart (or spirit) and is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to experience health on all levels.

While it is important to exercise and eat right to maintain good health, these physical aspects by themselves are not enough. Applying the non-physical, metaphysical, or spiritual practices to your life, such as meditation and choosing live foods rich in biophoton energy, can make the difference between illness and disease or true health.

Integrating the metaphysical levels does not mean you must use crystals, hang prayer flags or spend hours chanting (unless, of course, you enjoy these things!). Simply becoming aware of the non-physical aspects of your food, your breathing when you exercise, and the nature of your thoughts and feelings, will add the metaphysical and spiritual aspect required to create a truly healthy body healthy mind and healthy spirit.

To add the spiritual level to your own dietary and exercise health practices, explore the links below.

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~~ Immrama Institute - Reduce Stress, Increase Performance
Immrama Institute provides CD's to enhance your meditation experience, improve physical performance, reduce stress and increase happiness. I have used these and other brain entrainment products and find Immrama Insight and Focus CD's to be the most effective and affordable product available. Use them while meditating, working on the computer, or working out in the gym! Learn more...

The Chopra Center - for Healthy Body Healthy Mind Healthy Spirit
Deepak Chopra is a physician and spiritual teacher known for his integration of physical, mental, and spiritual healing systems. Visit the Chopra Center online see his latest book, read articles and find videos.

David Wolfe - Leading Nutrition and Energy Expert
David Wolfe may be the world's most knowledgeable expert in the metaphysics of nutrition. Not only does he use and teach about the most powerful superfoods available, he also has keen insight into the energetic quality of these foods. You can find interviews with Wolfe on Youtube and online radio programs across the internet. His energy and enthusiasm will motivate and inspire you!

Ringing Cedar Series - Anastasia - Space of Love
The Ringing Cedars series of books covers every aspect of life, health, and spirituality. Of special note here is the book "Space of Love", which teaches why and how to create a Space of Love in your home and garden, to create optimum spiritual, physical and mental health and well being for you and your family. This may be one of the most important series of books ever written, and I highly recommend them to you!

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