The Subconscious Mind Projects - The Conscious Mind Perceives

subconscious mind

The Subconscious Mind is directly connected to Source and has access to infinite energy and resources to create the images and experiences we call "life" and "the real world".

There is only one subconscious Mind projecting the Universe. The One Mind can project itself simultaneously as infinite conscious minds - or perceivers - that appear to be separate. In this way, the One Mind can experience itself from infinite points of view within its creations.

The conscious Mind is the perceiver, and is known through the five senses operating in partnership with the brain.

The Mind, as we know, exists outside of time and space and does not exist within the body or the brain. The conscious Mind perceives the images of body and brain that are being projected by the subconscious.

The True relationship between conscious and subconscious Mind is a feedback loop.

Each point of consciousness in creation sends feedback to the subconscious aspect of the Mind in the form of images it perceives, and the feelings experienced with each image. This feedback loop of energy and information allows the Mind to experience, learn, grow and expand.

The One Mind is but one corner of the triangle of Creation; the remaining two corners being Body and Spirit. Mind, Body and Spirit are three aspects of Creation, the focal point of which is found in the zero point of the Heart.

By the time the Conscious Mind perceives anything, it has already been created and projected. Even thoughts that we believe are "creative" in nature are in Truth an effect of subconscious Mind.

However, without the process of perceiving, sensing, feeling and giving meaning to experience there would be no feedback loop - and no ever-expanding growth of Consciousness in our Universe.

The "two minds" are but One Mind; One Mind being but one corner of the Creative Triangle.

A Mind without Spirit is on autopilot, lacking guidance, and creating ever increasing illusion of separation and fear.

A Mind with Spirit is a Mind with Heart , guided by love and inspiration, and creating ever expanding Truth and Joy.

By connecting with the zero point in the Heart (the Quantum or Spiritual Heart) we can connect with Spirit and Source, adding inner guidance to the subconscious Mind.

This is the True power that we have. It is the means to bring the Mind off auto-pilot, and start creating a world filled with the Light of Spirit.

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Subconscious Mind - Wikipedia Encyclopedia

The Subconscious Mind is usually thought of as a psychological phenomenon, or the memories, thoughts, and feelings from past experience that we cannot consciously remember, but that still have an impact upon our emotions and behaviors.

According to this article, on Wikipedia, modern psychology does not recognize the Subconscious Mind, because it cannot be seen or measured. In Truth, the Mind itself is an entity that does not exist in the body or brain, and can only be detected by its effects upon the physical body.

I have included this article because it provides a perspective that is commonly found in modern psychology, science, and the general media...and because it's good to keep an open mind!

Do we consciously cause our actions, or do they happen to us? Philosophers, psychologists, neuroscientists, theologians, and lawyers have long debated the existence of free will versus determinism. In this book Daniel Wegner offers a novel understanding of the issue. Like actions, he argues, the feeling of conscious will is created by the mind and brain. Yet if psychological and neural mechanisms are responsible for all human behavior, how could we have conscious will? The feeling of conscious will, Wegner shows, helps us to appreciate and remember our authorship of the things our minds and bodies do. Yes, we feel that we consciously will our actions, Wegner says, but at the same time, our actions happen to us. Although conscious will is an illusion, it serves as a guide to understanding ourselves and to developing a sense of responsibility and morality.

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