Social Intelligence - Understanding how we affect each other, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

social intelligence

Whereas Emotional Intelligence is self-awareness, Social Intelligence is awareness of the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of others, and how they affect us.

The study and application of metaphysics to everyday life would not be complete without awareness and development of social intelligence.

We have already examined the role of mind, heart, and spirit in creating our experience of life. We know that the mind, by its processes of perception, creates what we perceive as reality. And we know that the Heart produces a field of energy and information that infuences the mind. But it is not just our own Heart affecting only our own mind. Whenever we interact with others, the Heart-fields interact and influence each other. And that has an impact upon us, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Another way to look at this is through the field of Quantum Mechanics. The process of interaction between two particles is called "Entanglement". Quantum science has demonstrated that this process takes place on both physical and energetic levels. This Youtube video does an excellent job of illustrating this process. It's a process that applies not just to subatomic particles, but also to social interactions which, of course, occur also on a subatomic level - the energetic and emotional levels of thought and feeling.

Social intelligence can be applied in every area of life, including business, relationships, and even health. It can reduce stress, foster feelings of interconnectedness and well-being, improve performance, our ability to deal with challenges, and to enjoy our successes.

To learn more about social intelligence, social neuroscience, quantum entanglement, and how to apply these vital principles in your own life, explore the links below.

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Social Intelligence, by Karl Albrecht
Karl Albrecht is given credit as being the first to suggest that IQ can be classified into at least 6 categories or areas of intelligence. His book, "Social Intelligence" is the first written on the subject. Click the link above to visit Albrecht's website and read about Social, Emotional, Practical, Aesthetic, Abstract, and Kinesthetic Intelligence.

Global Coherence Initiative - Institute of Heartmath
The Institute of Heartmath is in the process of conducting a worldwide research project on the effects of human thought and emotion upon social, political, economic, and even environmental systems. It's free to participate. Visit to sign up and learn more.

The Theory of Mind: Social Neuroscience
Read this article at Wikipedia to learn more about "theory of mind", or our ability to comprehend and interpret the mental, emotional, and intentional experience of others. Social neuroscience also forms the basis for one of the leading online dating services, "". Social intelligence can even be applied to finding lasting love! - Dr. Helen Fisher
Dr Helen Fisher has researched the biological, neurological, and chemical elements of love and relationship. Take a free personality test - find out if you are an Explorer, Builder, Negotiator, or Director. Understanding yourself and others increases your social IQ!

The Enneagram
I've included this link because of my personal experience and success using the Enneagram for improving self-awareness, and my relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. I attended several workshops, and using what I learned, I was able to tell my own daughter what I was able to see in her. Her response? She said I was the first person she knew who ever really "saw" her! And that's what "into-me-see" (intimacy) is truly all about!

Watch these videos to hear what Dr. Daniel Goleman has to say about Social Intelligence. Dr. Goleman was not the first to write a book on the subject, but he is the best at reaching out and teaching others.

Watch more videos at A Mind With Heart Channel on Youtube. The official Youtube channel of Metaphysics For Life!

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