Parapsychology is the scientific investigation of Paranormal Experience


The term "parapsychology" literally means alongside (para) psychology (psychology literally meaning study of the soul or mind).

"Paranormal experience" would literally mean alongside normal experience.

Therefore, parapsychology is the attempt to apply the scientific method in understanding the true nature of paranormal experience as it applies to the human mind and/or soul.

Scientific studies of the paranormal have often been dismissed as "pseudoscience", because early attempts often failed to produce consistent or replicateable results.

As science progressed, and quantum physics was developed, it became clear that results observed in lab settings can be affected by the mind of the observer or scientist. Since "paranormal experience" by definition is not perceived as "normal" by most observers, one would expect to obtain mostly negative or inconclusive results from the majority of parapsychology experiments.

Today, advanced scientific methods and technology are beginning to confirm what many people have personally experienced, but were told to dismiss as "abnormal". Paranormal experiences can include such everyday occurrances as intuition, "gut" feelings, premonitions and dreams, empathy, and inspired creativity. They also include more extreme experience, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, out of body experience (or astral projections), "channeling", remote viewing, and even time travel. All of these can be described as "ESP" as they require the use of sensory perception outside the five physical senses.

The mind (and/or soul) exists outside of time and space, and therefore is perfectly capable of creating and perceiving such experiences.

Whether or not science or parapsychology are even capable of measuring and confirming the most extreme of paranormal experiences is still to be determined. However, many of our more common types of "esp", such as intuition, the effect of intentions, premonitions, dreams, and empathy, can already be explained by the discovery of the zero point field, quantum entanglement, and the true nature of perception and physical experience.

To find out what leading scientists in the field of parapsychology have discovered, check out the links below. And, of course, remember to keep an open mind!

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Dean Radin, PhD.: Entangled Minds and Parapsychology
Dean Radin, PhD, is Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Psychology at Sonoma State University (Rohnert Park, CA). His latest book, Entangled Minds, explains and explores the implications of quantum entanglement, and scientific research that demonstrates how everything may be connected. ~~ Click here to watch a 90 minute video of Dean Radin on GoogleTechTalks; "Science and the Taboo of Psi"

Lynne McTaggart: The Intention Experiment
Can human intention affect the world? Join the world's largest intention experiment and find out for yourself. Participation is free. Lynne McTaggart is the author of the bestselling books "The Field", "Living The Field", and "The Intention Experiment". To join the experiment, visit Lynne's website and register.

The Global Coherence Initiative: Institute of Heartmath
If enough people create a coherent heart field within themselves, can they influence the electromagnetic fields of the Earth? The Global Coherence Initiative, a project of the Institute of Heartmath, is a worldwide experiment designed to answer that question. Visit the website to learn more and to join for free.

The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing
In the course of the successful experimental phase of a remote viewing intelligence program, Mr. O'Donnell stumbled upon the fact that by using special mental techniques and training, not only was space bridged instantly, as the non-locality theorem of quantum physics (theorem of John Bell) had predicted and the Aspect experiment performed in 1982 had confirmed, but that the time barrier was as well conquered: allowing oneself to experience the perceived past and the probable future.
Gerald O'Donnell subsequently voluntary retired from the intelligence community and decided to teach similar techniques for the greatest benefit of all: The creation of better individual and global realities for all of us and the possible avoidance of unpleasant ones. Visit the ARVARI website to learn more...

More on Metaphysics for Life:

~~ Psychic Awareness: Develop Psychic Abilities for a Better Life.
In recent years, science has been able to provide hard evidence to support the experience and claims of those with psychic powers, and to explain psychic phenomenon previously thought to be beyond rational understanding.

~~ The Subconscious Mind: Projecting that which the Conscious Mind Perceives.
By the time the Conscious Mind perceives anything, it has already been created and projected. Even thoughts that we believe are "creative" in nature are in Truth an effect of Subconscious Mind. However, without the process of perceiving, sensing, feeling and giving meaning to experience there would be no feedback loop, and no ever-expanding growth of Conciousness in our Universe.

~~ The Zero Point Field: Evidence That Everything Is Connected.
Scientific exploration into the field of quantum physics, and the discovery of the zero point field of energy, has given some insight into the true nature of the mind and the universe it creates.

~~ Perception: A Function of the Body being projected by the Mind.
It's easy for us to accept the existence of "optical illusions", hallucinations, drug induced mis-perceptions, dreams, and other forms of "unreality". But when it comes to the universally agreed upon definitions of what is "real", we have very little room or tolerance for any evidence that might disrupt our point of view.

The Monroe Institute: Parapsychology - The Science of Out of Body Experience.

Watch more videos at A Mind With Heart Channel on Youtube. The official Youtube channel of Metaphysics for Life!

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