Mind Over Matter: How the human Mind creates your experience of physical reality.

Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter is a phenomenon of the human Mind, both conscious and subconscious, projecting and perceiving your experience of physical reality.

Whereas the human Heart is simple and knowable; the connecting point of physical to non-physical, the human Mind is a never-ending spiral of complexity and illusion.

Einstein said, "I want only to know the thoughts of God...the rest are details". He understood that conscious thought - what we think and believe about our physical experience - gives meaning to that which is being perceived. But it is unconscious thought - thoughts of the subconscious Mind (or the "thoughts of God" as Einstein put it) - that are responsible for the "projection" aspect of the human Mind.

The "thoughts of God" are the subconscious thoughts that create and project physical experience. To understand the power of Mind over matter, one must grasp the true nature of subconscious Mind and thought.

Science is beginning to discover that the subconscious or "creative" Mind is accessed through the human Heart, not the head or brain.

Using proven techniques, it is possible to connect the Heart and Mind, accessing subconscious wisdom, intuition, and guidance, bringing these valuable resources into our awareness and empowering us in ways not possible with the conscious mind alone.

We can explore the conscious human mind by exploring the infinite diversity and variety of life experience made possible within the illusion of separation - the dualistic nature of physical experience.

It is important to remember, however, that the possibilities are endless. That is why, as any good scientist or philosopher will tell you, the more we learn about physical reality, the less we know. But only if we examine physical reality solely with the dualistic ego mind or brain! When we perceive our experience with the "eyes of the Heart", so to speak, we can "know" it's true nature - through intuition and inspiration for example.

What we call "Mind Over Matter" is the machine that creates the physical experience you are having right now.

It creates the experience of the body and the brain where you may believe the human Mind exists. But the Mind is not in the brain. It exists outside of time and space, in a place where the five senses of your physical experience cannot go. That is why it cannot be seen, and why we try endlessly to explain what it is and where it comes from.

To experience the power of Mind Over Matter one must first connect with the Heart.

Your Heart is the "seat of the soul" - your connection to source, spirit and who you really are. A Mind With Heart has the power to create. By becoming aware of this power, it is possible to consciously create life experiences while gaining an ever expanding knowledge of your true nature and the true nature of the physical reality you are experiencing right now.

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