The Metaphysics For Life
WEEK 2: Metaphysical Science

This week we will explore the ways that SCIENCE can enhance the study of the true nature of reality.

What is Science?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines science as: "The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment."

It is important to note, for our purposes here, that scientific study is conducted "through observation and experiment".

Quantum physics - one of the most recently developed branches of science - has discovered through the process of experiment and observation, that the human act of observing can, and does, affect the outcome of the experiment.

That leaves us with a very real conundrum.

If observation affects the outcome of an experiment, can we rely upon science to provide accurate, objective information about the true nature of our world and our existence in that world?

I will leave the answer to that question up to you. Why?

Because no matter what I say or claim is "true" in this lesson, if you cannot answer the question for yourself - from your own personal experience - then that leaves you operating on a system of belief, not knowledge.

Belief is a system of thought based upon inference, which is based upon "given facts". That is, facts that are GIVEN to you, not EXPERIENCED by you.

In the ancient language of Sanskrit, "to know" translates literally as "to go through". 

Knowing requires direct, personal experience. We will learn more about this in the PHILOSOPHY section, when we explore EPISTEMOLOGY (the nature of knowledge and belief).

I bring this up here because it is important to understand that the only way to KNOW the true nature of reality (ie. Metaphysics) is to "go through" or experience that knowledge yourself.

Reading can give you ideas and directions to pursue.

But ultimately nothing, not even science, can give you direct knowledge of metaphysics. 

You just have to take action, conduct your own experiments, and make your own observations while remaining aware that your observations may be creating the outcome of your experiments! 

If science cannot give us the ultimate answers or truth about the nature of our reality or physical life experience, then does it have any value at all in studying metaphysics?

In my experience, I have found value in reading and learning about the scientific experiments and observations of others. I use them as a starting point for my own explorations into physics, philosophy, and the true nature of my own mind, body and soul or spirit. 

I take the conclusions, tests, and philosophies of others and then experiment with them in my own life.

Sometimes, I obtain similar results. More often, however, I find that the scientific results I read about reflect back to me personal knowledge and experience I already possess.

This simply confirms for me that the experience I am having from my unique point of view is in some way shared by others, and that creates a feeling of connection that I find valuable.

How you use science in your own study of metaphysics is up to you. 

Just keep in mind the difference between knowledge and belief.

What do you "know" from your own life experience, and what do you "believe" or think is true from what you have read, seen, or heard about from others?

This Week's Assignment

This week, click on the SCIENCE button of the Navigation bar,

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Begin exploring Quantum Theory, Cosmology, the Zero Point, Perception, and much more!

Use the Study Guide Quiz Questions below to help guide you.

When you are done with this week's assignment, complete and submit the WEEKLY QUIZ below.

Submit the Quiz and the results will be sent to your email inbox along with the LINK to WEEK 3 - Philosophy of Metaphysics

Metaphysics For Life Study Guide QUIZ
WEEK 2: Metaphysical Science

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
a) irrelevant when it comes to the realm of metaphysics and spirituality
b) only useful to scientists and engineers
c) The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.
a) is created by the Mind
b) is all there is - there is nothing non-physical about it
c) can be explained by cause and effect
a) what we perceive as particles are made up of waves of energy
b) the observer affects the outcome of the experiment
c) we have access to an unlimited potential of energy and information allowing us to develop technologies that were previously unimaginable
d) all of the above
a) was studied for years by Einstein who died before he could find an answer
b) has been explored for aeons by mystics and philosophers
c) is now becoming common knowledge, thanks to pioneering scientists and authors like Thomas Campbell, Nassim Haramein, Milo Wolff, and many others
d) all of the above
a) is an infinite field of energy and information that has been postulated by scientists but cannot be proven to exist
b) has been tested, detected and verified by dozens of scientists conducting thousands of experiments, and is written about by author Lynne McTaggart in the best seller "The Field" in 1987
c) is a fictional phenomenon created by Gene Rodenberry for the sci fi TV series "Star Trek" in 1967
a) is an illusion created by the Mind
b) is the sum of our perceptions translated into a holographic image by the brain
c) is real because you know it to exist
d) all of the above
a) is the scientific exploration into the nature and origin of the cosmos or Universe
b) is pointless - no one was around to witness the beginnings of the Universe therefore it is impossible to "know"
c) can be applied to real life because it helps us understand how meditation, remote viewing, spritual healing, and quantum jumping really works
d) both a) and c)
a) is a Universal Law that can never be broken
b) states that what you think about and what you feel you will attract
c) only operates in the physical universe of illusion of separation
d) both b) and c)


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