The Metaphysics For Life
WEEK 4 - Famous Scientists and Philosophers

This week you will be introduced to some of the famous (and some not-so-famous) SCIENTISTS AND PHILOSOPHERS who have made valuable contributions to the field of metaphysics.

From Aristotle to Einstein, Masaru Emoto to Helena Blavatsky - philosophers and scientists throughout the centuries have been fascinated, perhaps even obsessed, with answering the big questions that have haunted humankind since the beginning of time itself.

What is the true nature of our reality? Who are we? Why are we here, and how did we get here? Where are we going? And is there a Creator or Source behind it all?

How can we possibly hope to answer questions like these?

Until recently (the last few hundred years or so) the only tools available to humans attempting to answer these questions were philosophy and inspired insight. The development of the scientific method and technology has added experimentation and observation to the toolbox.

However, in the end, it all comes down to our individual perception of the world we live in from the unique point of view each of us occupies within it.

The scientists and philosophers listed on the website have devoted most of their lives to studying the true nature of our world and sharing their discoveries with us from their unique points of view.

Although no two humans can perceive the world in exactly the same way, by sharing what we see from our perspectives with each other we can expand human awareness while supporting the evolution of human consciousness.

Carl Sagan described human consciousness as the Universe or Cosmos becoming aware of itself.

As you explore the many links and discover the vast knowledge and works of the scientists and philosophers on these pages, remember that you are also contributing to the expansion of human consciousness - and therefore the growing self-awareness of the Universe we all live in! 

This Week's Assignment

This week, click on the SCIENTISTS button of the Navigation bar

or, click HERE to open the page in a new tab 

Begin exploring the links to pages and websites about the men and women who are making, or have made, valuable contributions to the field of metaphysics.

Use the Study Guide Quiz Questions below to help guide you.

When you are done with this week's assignment, complete and submit the WEEKLY QUIZ below.

Submit the Quiz and the results will be sent to your email inbox along with a LINK to WEEK 5 - Spiritual Metaphysics.

Metaphysics For Life Study Guide QUIZ
WEEK 4: Scientists and Philosophers

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
a) wandering the streets at night, obsessed with finding the unifying principle that underlies all of reality
b) by searching Google for "famous scientists"
c) throughout the pages of
d) all of the above
a) is based solely on hard scientific evidence and does nothing to improve our understanding of metaphysics
b) is based upon firm metaphysical foundations of space, time, energy, gravitational forces, and matter
c) has been disproven by quantum physicists in recent years
a) is the most famous metaphysician of western philosophy
b) made one small mistake that led to the belief that we can never know reality
c) once said, "Metaphysics is a dark ocean without shores or lighthouse, strewn with many a philosophic wreck"
d) all of the above
a) is a not so famous scientist who has proven the existence of the Zero Point Field
b) is quick to point out she is not a scientist, but a Journalist who stumbled across a fledgling science in the very act of its creation
c) has written many books, none of which have gained the attention and respect they deserve
a) was featured in the blockbuster hit documentary "What The Bleep Do We Know?"
b) has conducted extensive research and written books about the effects of human thought and emotion upon water
c) has started a Peace Project, providing education free of charge to the world's children about the power of water
d) all of the above
a) is the founder of a spiritual philosophy called "Theosophy"
b) was born in Russia in the early 1800's
c) travelled the world in the course of her studies
d) had numerous insights into the nature and structure of our Universe that have since been verified by scientific methods
e) all of the above
a) is a scientist and engineer with extensive experience in the fields of energy and communications technology
b) turned his skills and attention to understanding how ancient wisdom impacts modern life - combining science and spirituality
c) has written a number of best sellers explaining how space, time and matter are impacted by human thought and emotion
d) all of the above
a) has discovered a specific geometric array fundamental to creation
b) has conducted research that has revealed the Unified Field Theory begun but never completed by Einstein
c) operates a research and development center in the Hawaiian islands where his discoveries are being used to create new, sustainable technologies
d) all of the above
a) is the author of "My Big TOE" ( TOE = Theory of Everything )
b) began his study of human consciousness at The Monroe Institute
c) uses only empirical evidence and data to prove that our reality is holographic in nature
d) all of the above


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