The Immrama Institute: Brainwave Technology for Health and Wellness

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The Immrama Institute produces brainwave technology that balances brain hemispheres, promoting the connection of mind to Heart.

Scientific studies have proven; the Heart sends much more information to the brain than the brain sends to the Heart.

A balanced brain is an infinitely better receiver of signals from the intelligent Heart.

Balanced brain hemispheres can receive and process signals from the environment and the Heart, creating a much more balanced and comprehensive view of the real world.

There are many providers of brainwave technology out there, so why did I choose Immrama to be a Featured Partner of Metaphysics For Life? It's an interesting story!

A few years ago I was attending a lecture at the Metaphysical Library in Ashland, Oregon. The lecturer was well known for his research and work with medicinal mushrooms. He was also quite well known for his books on metaphysics and spirituality.

Somewhere in the conversation the topic of brainwave entrainment and technology came up. To my surprise, this highly intelligent and skilled researcher and author had tried several brainwave products (as I have) and came to the same conclusion that I did - Immrama is by far the fastest, most powerful, and most effective brainwave technology currently available.

It also happens to be one of the most affordable, which is a nice plus.

After using the Immrama Insight CD for several months, I took an online balanced brain hemisphere test and found that my hemispheres were perfectly balanced!

Using the CD's is pleasant and easy to do. I never hesitate to recommend Immrama Institute to anyone seeking health, emotional well being, increased productivity and performance, and spriritual awakening.

Visit the Immrama Institute today and order the Insight and Focus CD's. You will also find plenty of scientific studies and information to help you understand brainwave technology for creating a better mind.


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