Balance Your Brain Hemispheres For A More Powerful Mind

brain hemispheres

The left (logical) and right (intuitive) brain hemispheres when "balanced" and working together can optimize health and performance of the mind and body.

If you grew up like most of us, in a traditional public school system, then chances are high that the left side of your brain has received much more attention and exercise than the more creative and intuitive right side.

One of the roles of public schools has been to prepare students for jobs. Children are trained to listen and follow instructions, and to perform repetitive tasks. They are not taught how to think by or for themselves. To do so would simply obstruct the students ability to follow instructions and do their job.

In today's rapidly changing world, left hemisphere functioning is no longer enough.

The jobs of tomorrow will require creative and intuitive thinking and action. Successful individuals can and must learn how to integrate and use a fully functional brain.

Those on a spiritual path have known this for a long time.

The brain is the place where perception occurs. Signals received from the five senses are interpreted and used to create a physical life experience. How you perceive the world shapes how you feel and act within it.

Without intuition, inspiration, and inner guidance from the Heart, choice and creativity cannot happen.

The mind is "enlightened" when leadership is given to the Heart. But a healthy brain, including integration of left and right brain hemispheres. is required for the Heart to connect to the mind.

Creating A Mind With Heart balances the brain hemispheres and changes how you perceive your physical reality. The Foundation For Creating A Mind With Heart offers online courses, lessons, ebooks and other resources to help you learn how.

There are a number of companies that provide technologies for balancing the brain and connecting to the Heart.

You can search for others online, but my all time favorite is the Immrama Institute which offers the Focus and Insight CD's .

There is also iMusic, by the Volition Neuro Research Institute, which has been shown to improve IQ, focus and attention, and increase overall performance using a sound technology that is NOT binaural beats. I have sampled this one, and did experience some immediate benefits. I would need to use this product longer before making a personal recommendation, but the research is compelling.

Of course, meditation is the time honored method for achieving these results. Combining sound technologies with meditation can save time and produce even better results.

All you can really do is experiment and find out what works best for you.

There is so much more to explore about the brain and the role it plays in our choices, actions, and happiness in life. Check out the links below...

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Balance Your Left and Right Brain Hemispheres with Immrama Brainwave Technology

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