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WEEK 1 - What Is Metaphysics?

What is metaphysics?

This WEEK we will explore the definitions, history, and meaning of Metaphysics - the first and foremost of the Five Branches of Philosophy.

Metaphysics has taken on a wide range of meanings over time.  

The term "metaphysics" comes from the book "First Philosophy" written by the Greek philosopher Aristotle more than 2000 years ago.  

The book was renamed "meta" (Greek for "after") "physics" (Greek for the physical or natural world) by the publisher who bundled Aristotle's works into one text.  He renamed "First Philosophy" "Metaphysics" because he placed it after Aritotle's works on nature and physics in the bundle.

Although the original term "metaphysics" was never meant to do so, it became known as the science and philosophy of things that are beyond the physical world and senses.

If you read Aristotle's work, you will find that it attempts to uncover first causes, or the source and origin of things physical - the Earth, nature, space, time, and of course, humans.  

At it's roots, metaphysics seeks to answer the questions, "Who am I?" "Why am I here?" "What or who made the universe?" and "Is there a God?"

This Week's Assignment

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Begin exploring the links to definitions, history, and philosophy of metaphysics.

Below is this WEEK'S Quiz.  Before going to "What Is Metaphysics" read the Quiz and let the questions help guide you through your exploration of this immense topic.

When you are done, complete the Quiz and click the SUBMIT button at the bottom.  When you do, the correct answers will be sent to your email inbox, and you will be given a link to the next WEEK'S lesson.  Be sure to add Metaphysics for Life to your contact list to prevent the answers from going into your spam folder.

Metaphysics For Life Study Guide QUIZ
WEEK 1: What Is Metaphysics?

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
a) an esoteric subject with little or no practical value
b) a branch of philosophy that is entertaining but not really meaningful
c) the study of the true nature of reality, and can be applied to everyday life
a) reading lots of books and visiting websites on the subject
b) getting a degree at one of the recommended universities or schools
c) accessing Truth by connecting to the zero point in the Heart
d) all of the above
a) uses science to expand our ability to perceive reality
b) uses science to confirm what philosophers and spiritual teachers have been claiming for thousands of years
c) is using science to explore the true nature of the Heart
d) all of the above
a) the branch of philosophy that studies fundamental principles underlying all that is
b) immaterial, supersensual, not physical
c) a book written by the Greek philosopher, Aristotle
d) the study of the nature of reality
e) all of the above
a) with the Big Bang Theory
b) in ancient Greece
c) with the age old questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Is there a God? What is the true nature of the world I live in?
a) a textbook studied at Stanford University
b) a book written by the French philosopher Henri Bergson, translated into english, and available as a free online audio book
c) a course taught by the University of Metaphysics
a) the place to go online to learn everything you need to know about metaphysics and how to use it in your own life
b) new age woo woo, airy fairy stuff, nothing practical
c) a great place to find online astrology, numerology and crystals
d) a website about Aristotle and how to apply ancient Greek philosophy to your life


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