Practical Metaphysics
Why Are We Here?

Physical reality is our answer to the question, "What if?"

"What if it were possible to be separate?"

Separate from who we really our, separate from each other, separate from nature?

The answer to that question is that it's not possible to be separate. But what if it were possible? What would it be like?

The true nature of our physical reality and the illusion of separation will be our next subject. For now, let's look deeper into why we even asked that question!

Imagine your existence as being infinite, unlimited - infinite energy and information, infinite intelligence and possibilities. Everything that can be, existing simultaneously, all the "time". 

Of course, there is no time, and it's impossible to imagine such an existence from our limited point of view. But try to imagine this; hidden within All That Is - is All That Is Not.

Just think about it. If all possibilities, and they are infinite, exist simultaneously, then the illusion of separation and the question, "What if?" must also exist. The question has always existed, and the answer to it must also exist.

As we move through this illusion, there are moments when we appear to be separate from everything. But that is purely a matter of perception. In those moments our core essence, who we really are, is perceiving the images and feelings created by the body and the brain. We are fully embracing the illusion of separation so we can experience what it is like. 

The sanskrit word for "to know" means "to go through". In order to know what it would be like to be separate - if it were truly possible - we must create the illusion of separation in the mind and then enter into and fully experience that creation.

Because we are experiencing, have experienced, and always will be experiencing physical reality and the illusion of separation - we always "know" deep within is, at our core essence, that it is not possible to be separate. 

Illusion of separation and our physical life experience falls into the infinite realm of "All That Is Not". Who we really are, and the awareness that everything is connected, exists in the infinite realm of "All That Is".

If we did not "know" or "go through" All That Is Not, we could not "know" All That Is.

And that is why we "asked" the question.

That is why we are here.

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