Practical Metaphysics
The True Nature of Reality

So, here we are, creating the illusion of separation so we can have a physical life experience and answer the question, "What IF it were possible to be separate?" 

If it WERE possible to be separate, we could be bodies, we could get married and have kids, eat, drink, be born and die, build things, destroy things, travel, make love, make war.


We know, deep down, that we are not separate. Everything is connected. And our physical life experience is an illusion. But is it?

It is NOT possible to be separate, and yet here we are - we do have bodies, make babies, love, and war. We build things, create things, destroy things, learn and discover new stuff every moment of every day. Even though time and space don't really exist - except in the mind.

Nothing unreal exists. 

Who we really are, the light of spirit shining through the soul into the mind exists. The physical life experience created by our perceptions exists. It is all real, because it exists.

When we wake up and become aware of the true nature of reality, the question changes. It is no longer "What if we could be separate?" We already know everything is connected, or One.

The new question becomes, "How can we experience this illusion of separation, without BEING separate?"

At first, this might seem impossible. Doesn't the awareness of connection and oneness destroy the illusion of separation? Isn't that the end result we read about in The Disappearance of the Universe? Isn't that the purpose of A Course In Miracles? To overcome the illusion and leave it behind, forever?

Well yes, and no.

In truth, we are in constant contact with Source because it is who we really are. Some say we cannot face G-d and remain in these physical bodies. But we do it every day! It is who we really are.

And the illusion of separation is just a mind trick that we play on ourselves when we choose to perceive only with our physical senses.

Complete the full cycle of perception, by sending the 3D holographic images of the brain back to Source for completion, and we can continue to live in our bodies, eat, sleep, make love, learn, and grow - all in full awareness of who we really are, why we are here, and the true nature of the physical universe.


What if the purpose of physical life experience was not to transcend it, but to complete it?

What if we are here to open our real eyes, the ones that can see the light of spirit in all things? To experience what we sometimes call "Heaven on Earth"?

We have all had those moments when we are overcome by the magic of it all. 

Even though we might not perceive the light of spirit with our physical eyes, hear it with our physical ears, or feel it with our physical senses, we "know" that it is there.

But as we develop our higher senses, the ones that send energy and information to our brains using the non-physical circuits that exist around and within our own bodies, we CAN and DO begin to experience images and feelings that might seem surreal, but feel more real than anything we might even imagine!

Whatever we want to call it - energy healing, spiritual enlightenment, or religious awakening - the shift in perception is real, and the life we experience from that point of view is also real - because it exists!

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