Practical Metaphysics - Answering Life's BIG Questions

Practical metaphysics can help us answer some important questions about life.

Who are we? What is the nature of the Universe we live in? Why are we here?

These are the eternal questions asked only by humans throughout history.

How can we answer questions like these? Is it even possible for us to know or comprehend the answers? And why do we even care?

Let's begin with some of the reasons why we ask, and why we might care.

It is in our darkest moments when all hope is lost - and in those moments when we are overcome with the awe and wonders of life - that we tend to stop, become totally focused in the moment, and realize that there is something bigger, something unseen, something we can sense but cannot put our fingers upon, something alive and at work behind the scenes of our lives.

If we are in pain, we cry out for help. And in our joy, we say, "thank you!" 

But who and what are we calling out to? 

Anyone who has had these experiences, and managed to connect with the creative force, energy and intelligence of the Universe, would probably call "it" G-d. Or H'ashem. Or Allah. Or Brahman.

Others, who call out and do not find that connection, might become atheists. Some become scientists, trying to find answers in order or only in things that can be perceived by the human body. 

But the human body is limited in its ability to perceive. Even if we create technology that can sense energies and forms that cannot be sensed directly with human organs, the resulting images and information must still be processed by our human senses and human brain.

What about those experiences we have when the brain has been altered, or when there is no brain activity at all? People who have awoken from comas, or were technically dead and then successfully revived, have reported being able to see, hear, and move around.

Obviously, we have some means of sensing reality beyond our five physical senses.

What can practical metaphysics tell us about who we really are, why we are here, and what the heck is this place we call home?

Who We Really Are

We can all sense that undefinable center in ourselves that seems to never change. From our earliest childhood memory (or past life memory) to our final breath, that core essence of who we really are is always with us.

Some of us call that eternal essence the "soul". But a soul is something that can be created and destroyed. The eternal essence within us is never born, never dies. It is eternal.

The eternal essence within each one of us can never be seen, heard, tasted, or touched. No machine we can manufacture will ever be able to detect or measure "it". And yet, we know it is there. We "feel" it with a level of perception that bypasses the body and the brain. We "see" it when we look into the eyes of someone we love. We "hear" it when we become still or find ourselves lost and alone.

It is this eternal sense of being that we call out to when we are hopeless or in pain, or sing to with praises when our hearts are overflowing with gratitude and joy. "It" is who we really are.

Who we really are is the creative life force that is beyond words. It is the part of us that projects physical reality into our minds, and the part that perceives that reality with our bodies.

Who we really are creates the blueprint of our soul and projects the light of spirit through the soul into the mind to create life.

Time and space are the result of our desire to have a physical life experience. Who we really are is the observer, the creator, the One going along for the ride!

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