Your Mind on Money; How monetary systems affect the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

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Research is proving that the human mind on money creates an experience of scarcity and separation from others, and from the world we live in.

Money - being a physical manifestation of the illusion of separation like all "things" - is particularly fascinating because of the role we have given it in our lives.

In the human mind, we have made money both the lock and the key when it comes to creating, distributing and receiving the resources that we want and need in order to experience a life of health, wealth and happiness.

In truth, the money system is but a barrier to the natural and healthy giving and receiving that is instinctive to people living in an environment of true freedom and abundance.

While this might sound unrealistic to those of us who have known nothing but a monetary system, it actually fits quite well with scientific research that shows how behavior is effected by the environment.

If our environment creates experiences of scarcity and lack, our behaviors will adapt to compensate for these perceived threats to our survival and happiness.

One recently discovered aspect of the human environment is the electromagnetic field generated by the human heart. The human mind on money disrupts this field, creating an experience of separation from others as well as from one's own heart, or connection to Spirit and Source.

Research has shown that this creates feelings of self-sufficiency, self-interest, and isolation, interfering with the human tendency to help and give to others (see "Why Money Messes With Your Mind" - article link below).

Many popular "spiritual" teachers today emphasize using the mind and thought to "attract" or manifest money into one's life. The human mind has created a reality in which money must be exchanged for food, housing, transportation, education, health care, and even spirituality. Money has - on a physical level - in many ways taken the place of connection to Source or Spirit for creating our life experience.

However, unlike Source, money is a projection of the human mind. Because we believe we must use money for exchange, rather than giving and receiving freely, we place artificial limits on what we can be, do and have. And we experience separation from each other, our true selves, and the Universe.

The human mind on money is so entrenched that the true nature of our monetary system and how it affects us mentally, emotionally, and physically can be very difficult to perceive. For those who have experienced great losses or challenges financially, there is an opportunity to look deeply within, reconnect to the heart, and find new ways to perceive this aspect of life.

Below are some links to articles, documentaries, and websites that offer valuable insight, and a new way to think about money and possible futures.

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~~ The Metaphysics of Money.
To learn more about the metaphysics of money (or the true nature of money) and how you can use money to connect with the Heart, read the article on this page.

NEW! "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" - A comprehensive overview of the current global socioeconomic environment, how it affects all of us, and how a resource-based economy could solve many of the major problems we are facing today. "Moving Forward" is the third installment of the Zeitgeist: The Movie series. To see the first two, go to: . "Moving Forward" does stand on it's own, and may be the most important documentary of our generation!

Your Mind On Money: Why Money Messes With Your Mind
For economists, it is nothing more than a tool of exchange that makes economic life more efficient. Just as an axe allows us to chop down trees, money allows us to have markets that, traditional economists tell us, dispassionately set the price of anything from a loaf of bread to a painting by Picasso. Yet money stirs up more passion, stress and envy than any axe or hammer ever could. We just can't seem to deal with it rationally... but why?

My Mind On Money: How Money Affects Our Hearts and Minds.
I created this blog to post articles, news, and video about the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of money as I come across them. I have added personal comments to each post, and I invite you will add to the conversation...

Zeitgeist: The Movie and Zeitgeist Addendum
Zeitgeist Addendum is an award winning documentary that looks at the effects of the monetary system on individuals, society, and the planet. Zeitgeist The Movie looks at religious and political systems as well as economic systems. If you have limited time, I suggest watching the Addendum first...

The Venus Project: Future by Design
A Resource-Based Economy is a system in which all goods and services are available without the use of money, credits, barter or any other system of debt or servitude. All resources become the common heritage of all of the inhabitants, not just a select few. The premise upon which this system is based is that the Earth is abundant with plentiful resource; our practice of rationing resources through monetary methods is irrelevant and counter productive to our survival. 

More about the true nature of "exchange" on Metaphysics For

~~ Giving And Receiving: We Receive The World by Giving Our Attention To It.

Giving and Receiving are perceived by the conscious mind as two different things, but like the symbol for infinity, giving and receiving are really one thing with polarized or dualistic aspects. When you look at the symbol for infinity, and imagine energy flowing through it from one side to the other and back again, which side can you say is the giver? Which side is the receiver?

~~ Giving From The Heart: Taking the fear out of giving.

Science has found that giving with expectations of getting something in return, such as exchanging money for necessities, products, or services, activates the area of the brain associated with pain.


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