The Metaphysics For Life
WEEK 5 - Spiritual Metaphysics

This week we will discover the true nature of SPIRIT and SPIRITUALITY.

Spirit, or spirituality, means many different things to different people.

Some see spirit as an underlying substance or energy that gives rise to all of physical reality. Others see spirit in anthropomorphic terms - as angels, spirit guides, deities, or God.

My personal favorite definition for the word "spirit" or "spirituality" comes from a man named Jacque Fresco, a social engineer who created the Venus Project and has written and spoken extensively for a concept he calls the Resource Based Economy.

Jacque Fresco defines spirituality as "the AWARENESS that everything is connected."

I love this definition, because science has already proven that everything is connected!

Spirituality is the conscious awareness of this Truth.

The energy, substance, forces or whatever it is that connects everything, is not visible to the human eye. It cannot be heard, tasted, or touched - at least not directly. 

The Spirit that keeps us connected to Source, to each other, and to everything in the Universe can only be perceived with our non-physical senses. These include intuition, inspiration, and what we call psychic abilities. 

Access to this non-physical perception is achieved through the Heart, not the brain.

Therefore, developing spiritual awareness - the AWARENESS that everything is connected - requires conscious development of, and access to, the "spiritual" Heart.

As you explore the pages in this week's assignment, you will discover articles, tips, and techniques for understanding and developing your personal connection to your own Heart. 

Your conscious connection to the Spiritual Heart - what I like to call "A Mind With Heart" - will lead to an ever expanding awareness of your connection to all things. It will also result in a personal experience of, and relationship with, that elusive quality of the Universe we call "Spirit".

The only way to "know" it, is to "go through" it yourself! 

This Week's Assignment

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Begin exploring the links to more than a dozen pages of information, tips, and techniques that will help you understand and experience how everything is connected.

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WEEK 5: Spiritual Metaphysics

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