Metaphysics For Life
WEEK 6 - The Mind Body Connection

This week we will explore the Mind Body Connection.

What is Mind? What is the body? Are the two related to, or connected to, each other? If so, how and why?

Understanding the relationship between mind and body is central to grasping the basic core principles of metaphysics.

Metaphysicians will tell you that the Mind creates the body. Biologists will tell you that the mind is the result, or outcome, of thousands of years of evolution. Some cutting edge scientific theory and research seems to point to a combination of the two.

Leading philosophers and scientists now believe that there exists a "feedback loop" between the Mind and body. The Mind creates or projects physical reality, and the body senses and perceives the Mind's projections. The "feedback loop" leads to a process of evolution or development of both the Mind (or Consciousness) and the body it projects.

So how can you become aware of - and more importantly, participate in - this feedback loop of conscious evolution and personal development?

The secret, it turns out, is in the Heart.

Science has found that it is the Heart, not the brain, that sends vast amounts of information to every cell in the body, mostly through an electromagnetic field generated by the Heart. Also, the Heart, when connected to the Mind by a process called heart coherence - a term created by the Institute of Heartmath - seems to be a source of intuition and inspiration that vastly outperforms the brain.

The Institute of Heatmath is a cutting edge scientific research organization that has studied the nature of the human Heart for over twenty years.  "Heart Coherence", the connection of Heart and Mind, is also one step in a process I call "Creating A Mind With Heart".

A Mind With Heart is connected to Source.  When you create A Mind With Heart, you can remember who you really are.  And remembering who you really are is the ultimate outcome of Metaphysics for Your Life!

The feedback loop we are looking for - what we call the Mind Body Connection -  takes place through the Heart.

By focusing on the Heart, creating coherence, and remembering Who We Are by creating A Mind With Heart, we become conscious and aware of the true nature of our own Mind Body Connection and what that connection means to the quality of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life experience.

This Week's Assignment

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WEEK 6: Mind Body Connection

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