The Metaphysics For Life
WEEK 7 - Applying Basic Metaphysics

This week we will learn about "Applying Basic Metaphysics to Your Life".

Applying basic metaphysics to life requires becoming aware of the nature of our own thoughts and feelings, and how they shape our perception of reality.

The process for doing this can be as simple as daily meditation. Or it can be as complicated as using advanced technology to achieve and measure so-called "psychic abilities", such as remote viewing or telepathy.

Applying metaphysics to your life is not limited to meditation, remote viewing, and other mind techniques. Many people prefer to use music, art, and physical movement such as yoga and Tai Chi to gain access to their personal thoughts and feelings.

It may be true that everything occurs in Mind, but how we perceive reality is not limited to the brain.

We use our bodies to "feel" the true nature of reality, and we can use the electromagnetic field of the Heart to connect with and gain access to non-physical aspects of our environment.

Perception is not limited to the five physical senses.

Expanding your abilities to perceive will give you greater access to knowing who you really are, and the true nature of the world you live in.

Remember, Landauer and Rowlands (The Importance of Philosophy) said it best:

"The degree to which our metaphysical worldview is correct is the degree to which we are able to comprehend the world, and act accordingly. Without this firm foundation, all knowledge becomes suspect. Any flaw in our view of reality will make it more difficult to live."

One way to determine whether your metaphysical worldview is "correct" is to use what I call your Heartcompass.  Complete This Week's Assignment to learn more about your Heartcompass, remote viewing, meditation techniques and other tools for applying metaphysics to your everyday life. 

This Week's Assignment

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Begin learning about the many ways you can apply metaphysics to your real life experience and situations.

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