What is the Best Way To Get A Metaphysical Education?

metaphysical education live your life

Get the best metaphysical education possible. Start living every moment of your life!

Your life is, by definition, metaphysical. Therefore the best way to get a metaphysical education is - study your own life.

~ Who do you think you are? ~ Who are you really? ~ Why are you here? ~ Do you know? ~ What do you believe, feel, think about yourself and the world you currently live in? ~ Where do your thoughts and feelings come from, and do you have any control over them?

Answering these questions will give you a better education in metaphysics than any University or school ever could.

Of course, the best schools and colleges, teachers and gurus, will inspire you to search for these answers. Not in books or lectures. But in your own heart and mind. Knowledge always comes packaged in personal experience. Belief is something you've heard or read about that you believe to be true.

Truth is a quality. Truth is not words or ideas. To know the truth about anything you must live it. Live your life and learn the truth.

If you want to study what others have thought, felt, or believe about themselves and the world there is an abundance of material to be had.

You can start with modern metaphysical philosophers, or with the classics written thousands of years ago - Aristotle, Kant, and Hume. You can read the many religious books and documents, and study the psychological and spiritual masters.

Ultimately, however, you will not get a real metaphysical education unless and until you study - deeply - your own life and the world you experience every day.

Explore the links below - and take time to explore Metaphysics-for-life.com - to find out what others have learned and shared about their own metaphysical life experience. You will also find an abundance of resources, tools and techniques that others have found helpful in learning about themselves and the world we live in.

Live every day of you life - and remember who you really are!

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~~ Learn About the Author of Metaphysics-for-life.com, and creator of the Heartompass LifeNavigation System for Creating A Mind With Heart. The LifeNavigation System is a simple yet powerful way to use everyday life to study metaphysics, your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about yourself and the world. Read about how the author discovered this process, how it changed her life, and the impact it has had upon others.

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