The Heartcompass LifeNavigation System for Creating A Mind With Heart
Part 3:
Access the Heart for Love-based Truth

Watcht the video lesson and read the transcript below.

Today you will need the following materials:

  • Your Heartcompass LifeNavigator's Chart
  • the Post It Notes with FFBB's written on them
  • 3x5 Index Cards
  • pen or pencil

When I first started teaching the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System to others, my greatest concern was how to teach accessing the Heart for Love-based Truth.

To my great surprise and relief, I found that almost everyone I worked with could access their own Heart naturally. It seems that accessing the Heart is as natural as breathing. 

Of course, just because it's natural doesn't mean that everyone can do it without some kind of help.

There will be rare exceptions, just like there are some people who need help breathing. Some people have asthma or other conditions, and many of us develop the habit of shallow breathing – usually due to stress. The same can be true for accessing your own Heart. 

Chances are, you will complete this lesson and find you have received one or two very nice Love-based Truths from your own Heart.

But if you do find you need help, there are some excellent resources. I will tell you about those during this lesson.

For now, let's move on.

First - if accessing the Heart for Love-based Truth is as natural as breathing, then why don't we just do it all the time?

What was the purpose of Identifying Fear-based Beliefs in Part Two? Shouldn't we just go straight to the Heart and skip all that?

Part Two is an essential part of the process, and here's why.

The Heart is like a modem that connects us to the One Universal Mind. It can be compared to the modem on your computer that connects you to the Internet.

Once you are online however, how do you look for what you want? 

Most of us go to the search engines. When you go to a search engine, what must you do? You enter keywords into the search engine so it knows what to look for.

When you access the Heart for Love-based Truth, you must give it some direction so it knows what to look for. 

Later on in this lesson, you will see how to use the FFBB's you wrote on the Post It Notes to ask the Heart for Love-based Truth related to the life experience that you found upsetting. This gives the Heart direction, and that gives you immediate usable results! 

Of course, once you find something you like online, you tend to follow different links and explore the subject. The same is true for this process.

Once you gain some Love-based Truth from the Heart, it will lead to a chain of experiences and events that will build upon and expand your awareness.

Before we do this, let's take one more look at what happens when the Mind creates from the head, and what happens when we redirect the Mind to "think from the Heart". 

When the Mind is creating from the head - using the brain - it must always create opposites. "Good and Bad" "Healthy and Sick" "Wealthy and Poor" and so on. The brain is split in two's; left and right, front and back, primitive and modern, and so on. 

When the Mind creates from the Heart, it only has access to one emotion - Love. It must use Love-based feelings to give substance to all thought. No matter what form it takes, physical reality becomes an experience of connection, appreciation, inner peace and well being. 

When using the brain, the Mind performs a kind of "trick", turning Love inside out and upside down to create the illusion of fear. Fear is not real. There is only Love. But in the illusion of duality and separation, Love is used to create the experience of fear-based beliefs. 

When you access the Heart, fear is turned right side up again. There is no need to eliminate fear, or choose "good thoughts" over "bad". The need to do these things disappears.

Accessing Love-based Truth from the Heart is like turning a light on in the room. The light illuminates everything in the room. You don't need a flashlight in a brightly lit room! 

The human Heart is also a source of intelligence that can be accessed by the Mind. We call this "Heart Intelligence".

Philosophers, mystics, and ordinary people have known or suspected throughout time that the Heart was something special. For thousands of years it has been regarded as the seat of emotion, the abode of the Soul, and our connection to God. 

Until very recently, science has attempted to dismiss these notions. Biologists have dissected and studied the physical heart, and have come to the conclusion that it is merely a pump - moving blood throughout the body. 

Ssince 1991, another group of scientists at the Institute of Heartmath have studied the behavior of the Heart, and have reached very different conclusions.

The results of the studies at Heartmath over the last twenty years seem to confirm what philosophers and mystics have been claiming for centuries - that the Heart is much more than a pump! 

The human Heart is, by far, the most powerful and influential organ in the human body.

The Heart can think - almost infinitely faster than the brain. The Heart sends signals to every cell in the body by generating an electromagnetic field that is more than 5000 times more powerful than that of the brain. This field extends at least fifteen feet out from the body, and interacts with the electromagnetic fields of the Earth, plants, animals, and other people. 

When the human Heart field is "coherent" - vibrating at a smooth and regular frequency - the Heart can send information to the brain.

The brain receives this information as images, feelings, inspiration and intuition. A healthy, balanced brain is the best receiver for these signals and information

Balancing the brain hemispheres and creating Heart coherence are vital steps in accessing the Heart for Love-based Truth.

Using the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System will balance your brain hemispheres over time, but if you want to go faster, I recommend the Insight CD from Immrama. There are other brain balancing systems, but I have found Immrama personally to be the simplest, fastest, most affordable and effective. 

What Is Love-based Truth?

Love is an emotion used by the Mind to create feelings that give substance to thought.

Truth is a quality of Love. One of the qualities of Truth is "knowing".

In the ancient language of Sanskrit, "to know" literally translates as "to go through". Receiving Love-based Truth from the Heart is a direct experience that lends a sense of "knowing" that cannot be achieved through ordinary study of a subject.

Over the years, I have received a great deal of Love-based Truth from my own Heart, giving me powerful personal experiences of who I really am and the true nature of my reality.

As far as I can tell, the only way to really know who you are and what the world is made of, is by experiencing Love-based Truth directly from your own Heart. 

Sometimes however, the most difficult or challenging part of accessing the Heart for Love-based Truth is coming to the realization that the Heart is intelligent - that it is a source of Love-based Truth.

If you need further evidence to satisfy your logical left brain, please visit the Institute of Heartmath online, and spend some time reading the scientific articles you will find there. 

You don't really need to know everything about the Heart to achieve Heart coherence, any more than you need to know everything about your lungs to breathe.

So how can you achieve Heart Coherence?

Heart coherence is achieved whenever you focus the Mind on the Heart and create feelings of gratitude and appreciation. You can use your imagination, pet your dog or cat, look at something or someone you love, appreciate something beautiful, and so on. 

When using the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System, we want to direct the Mind to get Love-based Truth from the Heart specifically addressing a stressful or upsetting situation or circumstance.

Remember the annoying circumstance or event you used to identify FFBB's? Begin to create Heart Coherence by focusing on your Heart area, take a deep breath, and imagine that annoying circumstance perfectly resolved to your liking. 

Using yesterday's example, you might imagine yourself noticing the driver about to cut you off, and you slow down just a bit to let them in.

Or, you imagine the driver who cut you off has his pregnant wife in the car, and she's about to give birth! How could you be angry at that?

Use your imagination to create feelings of forgiveness and appreciation in your Heart.

You can feel Heart coherence - feelings of well being and inner peace.

If you have difficulty achieving coherence, or you just want physical confirmation that you have achieved it, you might want to try the Heartmath emWave handheld device.

The emWave is scientifically proven to monitor and help you achieve Heart Coherence. We didn't have this device when I first created the LifeNavigation System. Today, we have technology that can help!

When you have achieved Heart coherence, keep your eyes closed, and ask your Heart for the Truth about the FFBB's you wrote on the Post It Notes.

Remember, we are not just here to resolve or change a particular situation or circumstance in your life. Identifying the FFBB's that created the situation, and accessing Love-based Truth from the Heart will create A Mind With Heart.

The more you create A Mind With Heart, the more your thoughts - and your life - will be given substance with Love-based feelings in the Mind.

No more struggling to fix problem after problem! No more "attracting" or "manifesting" good things in your life only to find that "bad" stuff follows quickly behind (a natural result of using the divided brain). 

So, breath deeply, maintain Heart coherence, and wait for an answer.

The Heart communicates in images and feelings. The brain will create the words.

When you "hear" what the Heart is saying, stop and write the words down on a 3 x 5 index card. Place the card on the On-Course side of your LifeNavigator's Chart.

Read the words out loud. How do they feel?

If they feel good, you have received a Love-based Truth!

If you have feelings of doubt, or other fear-based feelings, then close your eyes, take a deep breath, and repeat the process.

With practice, this step will take less and less time - eventually only a few minutes. 

If you don't get an answer right away, you can experiment with asking your Heart for Love-based Truth, then going about your day (or going to bed for the night) and allowing inspiration to come unexpected.

The important thing is to create and maintain as much Heart coherence as possible, pay attention when you get an answer, and write it down! 

In Part Four of The Heartcompass LifeNavigation System: The Subconscious Mind - you will learn more about why Post It Notes and 3 x 5 cards are so important in the process.

Yes, you can do the whole thing "in your head" - but I don't recommend it, for obvious reasons.

Using your body - your hands, your eyes and ears, speaking the words out loud - all play a role in re-directing your Mind from the head to your Heart. Taking shortcuts won't make the process go faster, and can prevent the redirection from taking place. 

Practice using your LifeNavigator's Chart, identifying and writing FFBB's on Post It Notes, accessing Love-based Truth from the Heart, and writing them on 3 x 5 cards.

In Part Four - Influencing The Subconscious Mind, I will tell you what to do with the Post It Notes and the 3x5 cards.

In Part 5 - Gratitude and Awareness - you will learn how to keep your Heart open, and what to expect as your Awareness and Consciousness continues to expand and grow.

The Mind creates your physical life experience, but you direct the Mind.

If you are directing the Mind to use the brain to give substance to thought with fear-based beliefs, you will be experiencing physical reality with those qualities.

If you direct the Mind to access the Heart for Love-based Truth, you will be experiencing a physical reality that reflects those qualities.

It is your choice. 

Thank you again for subscribing to this online Course, and I'll see you in Part 4 - Influencing Your Subconscious Mind.

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