Healing Messages Open The Gateway of the Heart

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A Mind with Heart - connected to Source and Spirit - can deliver powerful healing messages in the form of words and images that inspire, empower, and open the gateway of the Heart.

Learn how to create A Mind with Heart and start receiving Healing Messages from the Source!

I started receiving the Healing Messages in the spring of 2006 while I was meditating. The Messages come in answer to my questions about who we really are, why we are here, and how we can create happy, healthy lives of abundance and joy.

The Messages are posted in a blog and delivered via email. I subscribe to them myself even though I "write" them. I look forward to receiving each Message as a moment of peace, inspiration, and deep gratitude in my day.

Subscribe to Healing Messages From A Mind With Heart at http://healingmessages.blogspot.com.

Thank you!

Ilana Moss,

Heartcompass Enterprises and the Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart

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