Read Gratitude Quotes and Books and keep a Gratitude Journal to open the Heart.

read gratitude quotes

Gratitude quotes can be helpful when we are experiencing challenges in our lives that can make it difficult to feel or express appreciation.

You may be experiencing a loss, illness, or perhaps frustration meeting goals or creating what you want.

At times like these you can turn to inspiration from others. Being reminded of the things we have to be grateful for opens the Heart, and allows healing and intuition to return to our daily life experience.

You can read gratitude quotes right now at Be Thankful: Living with Gratitude.

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Keeping our Hearts open with gratitude may be the most important task we could ever undertake, and reading gratitude quotes and books can help!

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Your Favorite Gratitude Quotes

"You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving."
~~ Amy Carmichael

"GRATITUDE ~ A natural expression of a loving heart,
The power of gratitude recharges our souls,
In giving thanks we help heal the world
And increase our abundance of blessings unknown."

~~ Katherine Scherer and Eileen Bodoh

"Unless Gratitude is experienced or expressed
nothing makes you understand the impact of sharing Gratitude."

~~ Ramanidevi Rajput

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