The Heartcompass LifeNavigation System for Creating A Mind With Heart
Part 2: Identify and De-activate False Fear-based Beliefs

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Materials you will need today are:

  • Your Heartcompass LifeNavigator's Chart
  • Post It Notes
  • Pen or pencil

What Is A False Fear-based Belief?

In Part One of Creating A Mind With Heart we talked about the Mind; what it really is and how it creates physical life experience by giving substance to thought (form) with feelings.

A "False Fear-based Belief" (FFBB) is a thought given substance by the Mind with feelings the Mind creates using the emotion of fear. 

Remember, in Part One we learned there are only two emotions - fear and Love. And that fear is Love turned inside out and upside down in the Mind to create the illusion of fear.

So - What Is Thought? 

Thoughts are the DNA of the Universe.

They are like blueprints, or a factory mold, that give shape and form to the feelings that "fulfill" them.

Thoughts do not "create our reality" - the Mind does that. 

Depending upon where we choose to focus the Mind - the head or the Heart - the thoughts we choose will either be given substance with fear-based feelings creating stress and disease, or with Love-based Truth creating inner peace and well being in our lives. 

The modern human Mind works primarily from the fear-based, polarized, dualistic brain - choosing fear as the emotion most commonly used to activate and give substance to our subconscious thoughts.

These fear-based thoughts or beliefs are on "autopilot"; creating stress and anxiety, manifesting as illness in our bodies, conflict in our relationships, or the lack of things we need and desire. 

The thoughts in the Mind that shape our life experiences are always subconscious.

Conscious thought is always a part of perception and the feedback loop of creation. You can learn more about this by visiting and subscribing to the free STUDY GUIDE.

Because they are subconscious it is difficult to identify which thoughts are creating stress in our lives, or even recognize that it is our own thoughts causing the stress.

It is critical and essential to identify and de-activate fear-based beliefs in the Mind to make room for the Love-based Truth you will access from the Heart

You will learn how to access the Heart for Love-based Truth in Part Three. 

The Heartcompass LifeNavigation System helps you identify fear-based beliefs by using the current circumstances and experiences of your own life, and it de-activates the negative emotional charge on those beliefs using a simple technique.

Today you are going to learn that technique. 

For this part, you are going to need Post It Notes, a pen, and your Heartcompass LifeNavigator's Chart. 

To learn how to identify false fear-based beliefs (FFBB's) in your Mind, begin by thinking of something that "happened to you" recently that made you feel upset. Not too upset - just something mildly annoying.

It's best to start with the easy stuff first, then work your way up to big challenges as you gain more awareness and skill. 

Remember, the things that seem to "happen to us" are the manifestations of subconsious thought and feeling in the Mind.

A life experience that upsets us in any way is a manifestation of a subconscious FFBB. Once you have the annoying event or circumstance in your conscious Mind, we will be able to identify and de-activate, the fear based beliefs that created it.

Keeping the image of the event in Mind, ask yourself, "What was I thinking?" Or, what thoughts come to Mind right now, as you imagine the event? 

As thoughts related to the event come to your Mind, write them down on the Post It Notes - one or two thoughts per note.

Stick the Notes on the Off-Course side of your LifeNavigator's Chart as you write them. It's ok to pile them on! 

Writing FFBB's down on Post It Notes actually moves the activity in your brain from the amygdala - "fight or flight" center - to the rational front portion of your brain. This reduces the "fear" charge on that thought or belief, and makes it safe to handle. 

The idea that you must avoid "negative thinking" can lead to denial and burying of FFBB's deep in the subconscious Mind where they will continue to wreak havoc on your life!

If you want to dig deeper and perhaps even get to the "root" or "core" FFBB (de-activating a "root" FFBB automatically takes care of it's shoots, leaves and branches), try asking yourself;

"So if that happened, then what?"

For example: 

Let's say someone cut you off in traffic on your way to work this morning.

You might think, "That jerk nearly caused an accident!"

If that happened, then what?

You might think, "I would have been late for work and missed an important meeting!"

Then what?

You might think, "Someone else might have gotten the best assignment this week!"

Then what?

You might think, "I would have lost out on all those commissions!"

Then what? 

You might think, "Other people are always getting in my way and costing me money!" (which with a little examination is obviously not true - making this a likely core FFBB).

and so on...

All that from a close call on the highway!

(NOTE: If these FFBB's were not active in your Mind, then you either would not experience getting "cut off in traffic" as a stressful event or even more likely, your subconscious would probably move you over to another lane and avoid the problem altogether.)

By digging for the deeper core FFBB's, you can identify and uproot the source of your upset and concern.

Remember, it is NEVER the event that causes stress! It is ALWAYS the FFBB's (created by the Mind, of course) that created it.

The deeper you can dig, the more effective the LifeNavigation System will be, and the sooner you will begin creating A Mind With Heart. 

Now that we have identified some False Fear-based Beliefs, how do we de-activate them?

Totally deactivating FFBB's will require completing the LifeNavigation process for this circumstance or event.

However, just by writing the FFBB's on Post It Notes, you have already reduced the negative fear-based emotional charge on those thoughts.

Remember, researchers have found that writing down fears or negative thoughts actually changes the activity in our brains. Negative thoughts or FFBB's activate the Amygdala portion of the brain - that's the primitive "fight or flight" portion.

Writing them down moves the activity in the brain to the frontal lobe, the portion that thinks rationally. This reduces the fear, anxiety, and other negative feelings associated with that thought.

But that's just the first step. 

In Part Three of The Heartcompass LifeNavigation System for Creating A Mind With Heart
we will learn how to access the Heart and replace FFBB's with Love-based Truth.

Love-based Truth carries a much stronger energetic signal than fear-based belief.

By focusing on the Heart, the Mind will easily accept Love-based Truth over FFBB's, especially since the FFBB's have been identified and then downgraded in strength by writing them on Post It Notes. 

Then in Part Four we will learn how to access the subconscious, and put those FFBB's to rest forever in your Mind.

You can never "eliminate" thoughts in the subconscious Mind. All thought exists and always will. But you can totally neutralize all emotional energies that make the thought "feel real" in your physical life experience and for all practical purposes "eliminate" them from your experience. 

  • You now know how the Mind creates your physical experience, by using emotion to give substance to thought (making it "feel" real).
  • You also know how to use your everyday life experience to help you identify the FFBB's that are creating stressful experiences in your life.
  • You know how to reduce the negative emotional energy giving substance to your FFBB's  by writing them down on Post It Notes.
  • In Parts Three and Four of Creating A Mind With Heart you will learn how to further reduce the power of your FFBB's, and replace them with thoughts that are given substance by Love-based feelings in the Mind.

You will experience what it's like to feel the inner peace and well being that results when your thoughts are given substance with loving, peaceful feelings from the Heart.

As you continue the process, your perception will begin to shift.

You will begin to see the world through "the eyes of your Heart".

Your awareness will grow and consciousness will expand to include the new "bigger picture" that only the Heart can see. 

You are Creating A Mind With Heart - a Mind that will neutralize your fears, and begin to create what your Heart desires.

Thank you for subscribing to this course. See you again for Part Three! 

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