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Is it really "too late"?
December 08, 2016

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December 2016


Is it ever really "too late"?

The belief that it can be "too late" for something is rooted in the illusion of linear time.

Time is not a line. It's not a river that flows. What flows are the thoughts, feelings, ideas, images and actions in your mind that make up your physical life experience.

To prove this to yourself, simply try to stop your thoughts.

Can't do it?

If you did, time would stop. Because time is created in the mind to make space for the thoughts, feelings, ideas, images and actions that make up your life experience.

Yes. I am repeating myself.

But the truth is, no matter how many times I say it, I do not want you to believe me.

I would very much prefer that you have this experience for yourself.

The first time I was able to "stop time" was in 2012.

You may remember that 2012 was the year that everything was supposed to end. The poles were supposed to reverse. The earth was supposed to split into multiple dimensions. A great spiritual awakening was supposed to occur.

Maybe all of that did happen, and we are just not fully aware of it. Except for the poles. They still seem to be in the same place as before.

In the year 2012 what I did notice was that my own perception of time shifted. For the first time, I could "stop my thoughts". Not by force or by taking action of any kind. I simply found that focusing my attention fully on my heart would result in a completely still and quiet mind.

Very peaceful. Very nice.

(Just for fun, you can read what I wrote about 2012 before it happened...) 2012 - End Times? Or Just Another Movie?

I don't think it was anything I did that made this possible. There may actually have been a shift of some kind in the energies of planet earth, and therefore our own hearts. That's because the energy field of the earth and energy field of our hearts are deeply connected.

That said, although I could still my thoughts and create peace in my mind, life went on as usual. It's just that every moment felt "timeless". I no longer felt like time was "passing me by" or that it was going "round and round like a carousel".

What can this mean on a practical level - if it even is practical?

I believe it means that it is never too late. If time is created to make space for the thoughts, feelings, ideas, images and activities in our minds that make up our life experience ( I said it again ) then we can always "make more time". Therefore, it is never "too late".

I don't know if that's truly logical, but it seems like it might be :-)

As long as we think new thoughts, feel new feelings, create new images and ideas, take new actions - as long as we are alive, we are creating more time.

There is always more time. It is never too late.

It's not too late to create a beautiful world. It's not too late to love. It's not too late to be happy, healthy, safe, and peaceful.

Be it, and you will create time for it.

With lots of Love and Gratitude as we enjoy this beautiful holiday season!

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Ilana Moss
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