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October 11, 2012

Welcome To Offramp Updates
September-October 2012


Live Classes are forming now at the Mind With Heart Virtual Learning Center.


Join the Foundation For Creating A Mind With Heart for just $3 and get into the next Class for FREE! Normal Membership with Classes price is $39 - you save $36.

The next five week Class begins Monday, October 15th at 6pm PST, and will be held on Google+ Hangouts.

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* A better Study Guide - easier to follow and use.

* Improved Navigation - easier to find what you want.

* More emphasis on Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit!

* BOOKSTORE - more books, reviews, and a new BOOK OF THE MONTH Club.

"Metaphysical Quote"

"Whether your role is to lead others or simply to lead yourself, acutely understanding what you are feeling and perceiving is the prerequisite to understanding what others think and feel."

-- From Chaos to Coherence, Doc Childre and Bruce Cryer, HeartMath LLC

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