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Election Edition - Metaphysics of Fear, Anger, Money, and President of the United States
November 10, 2016

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November 2016 - Election Edition


Last week I started talking about the metaphysics of money.

After yesterday's election results, I thought maybe that topic was no longer important.

That could not be further from the truth!!

Money, our economic system, our political systems, the environment - they are ALL thoughtforms given substance by feeling in the mind.

Right now, for roughly half the population of the United States, the thoughtform of President is being given substance with feelings of celebration, joy, hope, and success.

For the other half, it's more like shock, despair, anger, and tons of fear.

Ironically, the half that are experiencing the strongest negative emotions are probably also the ones that would describe themselves as more intelligent, educated, and spiritually aware than the other half.

The truth is, feelings of fear, anger, and despair "dumb us down" and can turn even the most educated and intelligent people into raving idiots.

Been there, done that :-)

Our current political, economic, social and environmental challenges are unprecedented. No matter which political candidate had won on Tuesday, half of the U.S. - and perhaps the world - would still be living mostly in fear.

Maybe it's for the best that those of us who have spent so much time and energy on "personal growth and transformation" are the ones now given the task to transform that fear into Love??

And I don't think it matters who you voted for, or whose "side" you think you are on. Everyone is feeling it right now. What matters is - how will you respond?

So what does all of this have to do with money?

When I first started building Metaphysics for Life I created a page about "your mind on money". In that article I shared the story of Jacque Fresco and his Resource Based Economics theory. It's just a theory. No one yet has been able to actually create a resource based economic system.

Or have we?

You may or may not be aware that my educational background is in natural resources and environmental education.

The two primary lessons I learned from studying natural resources are:

1) ALL economic systems are Resource Based. Without resources, we have nothing at all. Money, and the monetary system, is an intellectual AND emotional layer that humans place upon the "real" economic system - which is availability, access, distribution, and management of resources.

2) The choices people make that affect our economic, social, political and environmental systems are, bottom line, EMOTIONAL. This last election is utter proof of this reality.

Money, in the minds of most people, is given substance with feelings that are fear based. Even those of us who think we have a spiritual or Love-based mindset about money must still deal with tons of fear based energy that has been given to the thoughtform of money from the time of it's inception.

Given this state of reality, what are some of our options when it comes to our thoughts, feelings and behaviours around money?

The Zeitgeist Movement - started by Jacque Fresco when he observed, during the Great Depression, that it was not lack of resources, but the monetary system, that created an illusion of scarcity where there was none - suggests that only the elimination of money can save us from our current crises.

However, I believe, even if we were able to somehow get rid of money, or if it disappeared overnight due to an internet virus or some such thing - the THOUGHTFORM of MONEY and the FEELINGS we currently use to give substance to it - would STILL EXIST!!

And the result would be the recreation of another system, with all the same problems as the old one.

So, what can we do?

In previous articles I wrote about the nature of reality, and the role that the mind, heart, body, soul and spirit play in the creation of that reality.

The bottom line is, feelings give substance to thoughtforms in the mind. And that's our physical life experience. Trying to eliminate the thoughtform of money, or playing around with different economic systems, does not change the essence of the feeling that gives substance to that thoughtform.

So how do we change the essence or feeling??

We can, and must, return the images we have created in our mind about money back to Source for correction (or completion). That's how it's done. It works that way for everything. Health, relationships, money, the economy, the environment - it's all made of the same stuff, and from the same Source.

Our current crises are an opportunity. We've got our attention. Now it's up to us to respond.

Will we react with more fear based belief??

Or will we heal with Love based Truth??

Whatever we choose, our actions will emerge from that choice.

Sending you lots of Love&Gratitude as we all take this journey together.

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