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And the winner is...!!
May 01, 2016

Welcome To Offramp Updates
May 2016


Thanks so much for connecting with me and letting me know your interests and preferences! It's like a win-win for both of us :-)

"Weekly" Updates is hands down the winner this time. I will check back in a few months to make sure that works for everyone. Offramp Updates has been sporadic at best, and I look forward to seeing how many people open and read the newsletter once a week.

Now, without further ado, this week's Offramp Updates!

This Week's Featured Page

Almost everyone who answered my impromptu survey said they are interested in EVERYTHING! :-)

But the most popular subjects are Spirituality and the Mind-Body Connection as it relates to manifestation and healing.

I went through my pages and I found one that I think you will like to revisit or read for the first time if you haven't seen it yet.

The Body Mind and Spirit Connection is made in the Heart, and it's the foundation for our physical life experience. If you want to understand and master mind over matter, how thoughts become things, remote viewing and influencing, meditation techniques and energy healing, then experiencing the connection between mind and heart is a must have!


Until next week!

Ilana Moss
Heartcompass Enterprises
Metaphysics for Life

TOP 10 Most Popular Pages at

Metaphysics for Life has reached over one million readers!

Spiritual Metaphysics
How Thoughts Become Things
What Is Metaphysics
Metaphysical Science
The Mind Body Connection - Think, Feel, Act!
The Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart
Balance Your Brain Hemispheres
Famous Scientists and Philosophers
Philosophy of Metaphysics
Mind Over Matter

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HeartCompass Enterprises
Metaphysics For Life
Foundation For Creating A Mind With Heart

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