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July 13, 2016

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July 2016


When I first started writing for Metaphysics for Life, the most popular pages by far were about the mind. Mind over matter, how thoughts become things, mind body connection, brain hemispheres, and so on.

Today, interest is shifting in favor of Spiritual Metaphysics.

I am so grateful to see this! Years ago I learned that manifesting or "attracting" from the mind, trying to control our thoughts to create reality, ALWAYS results in a polarized life experience.

For example, I would hear about people who used the mind to create or attract a soul mate. A few years later, I would learn of their divorce. Or someone who created millions of dollars (or more) would find themselves in a huge lawsuit, draining their resources. Another might heal cancer in one part of the body, only to die of a heart attack. In my own life I experienced this same cycle of attracting what I thought I wanted, only to lose it months or years later.

I'm not trying to frighten you! It's just that this is the nature of the 3D holographic physical life experience created in your mind by your brain and body.

The great news is, there is another way. And it's easier than trying to control your thoughts. And more enjoyable as well.

My favorite definition of spirituality is, "The awareness that everything is connected."

Awareness of connection is not possible with the polarized brain. The only way to perceive this connection is through the heart.

When your mind is filled with the thoughts and feelings created by the polarized brain, you will experience illusion of separation, pain, fear, loss, suffering, etc. You will also experience so called "positive" feelings like longing, excitement, anticipation - all of which can only exist if there is separation between you and what you think you want.

When your mind is connected to your heart, the brain is still creating a physical 3D holographic reality in your mind, but that reality is given substance by what I call "Love based Truth".

Love based Truth is a quality of the Light of Spirit. In other words, the same images, thoughts, ideas, and experiences still exist in your mind, but they are "enlightened" so to speak, with the vibration and energy of love, light, truth, and life.

Spirituality - the awareness that everything is connected - transforms your relationship with reality. And that changes everything!

To create A Mind With Heart, you need to identify the thoughts in your mind given substance with fear based beliefs, access your heart for Love based Truth, and replace the fear based beliefs with the Love based Truth in your mind.

Years ago I discovered a simple system to do just that. At the time I had no idea about the science and power behind this system. I wanted to understand, and that led to my interest in metaphysics and spirituality.

You can start learning how to create A Mind With Heart for free, right now, today. Visit the Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart at Metaphysics for Life to learn how.

Your mind is the space and time that holds all of the thoughts, feeling, ideas and images that make up your physical life experience. The quality of those thoughts, feelings, and images depend entirely on whether you are living from your head, or your heart. You need your brain, and your brain needs your heart!

Join me now at the Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart and start experiencing spiritual metaphysics in your own life.

Until next time, from the San Juan Islands!

Ilana Moss
Heartcompass Enterprises
Metaphysics for Life

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