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February 09, 2017

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February 2017

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Last week I talked about how the Illusion of Separation creates what I now call the Illusion of Connection, and the real, scientifically provable truth that everything is actually "The One".

This week I am going to change course just a little so I can take advantage of Gaia TV's "Gift A Video" program and share something that I believe is radically transformative.

I mentioned earlier that Gregg Braden has a series at Gaia TV called "Missing Links". In episode 6, which I watched last night, Braden shows us the scientific evidence that our thoughts and feelings actually do have an influence on our physical life experience.

In a nutshell, thoughts and feelings change the shape of our DNA. Experiements have shown that DNA "organizes" photons - the stuff that atoms, molecules, cells, and our bodies are made of.

The implications of these discoveries goes way beyond the healing of our own physical bodies.

If you have been reading my materials for a while, you know that I believe thoughts are the "DNA" of the Universe. Our body and brain are designed to perceive the thoughtforms and the feelings we use to give them substance. The brain then uses those perceptions to create the 3D Illusion of Separation/Connection that we call our physical life experience.

If you missed all that in my earlier newsletters, you can visit my blog at to catch up.

Our thoughts "organize" the energy we call feelings or emotion, much the same way that human DNA organizes the energy we call photons. Where our true power lies is in choosing which feelings or emotions we use to give substance to the thoughts that are shaping our physical reality!

Science does not yet have the technology to measure and interpret the energy field emanating from our hearts. But I believe that someday we will have physical evidence that, in fact, the energy and information radiating from the zero point in the heart is actually creating our physical life experience.

Here is how you can access Episode 6 of Missing Links for free as my Guest:


Noon EST Thursday February 9
until Noon EST Saturday February 11

Go to Gaia TV and watch Episode 6 of Missing Links with Gregg Braden.

Use this link to watch this 30 minute episode now:

Watch Gregg Braden "Missing Links" - The Physics of Our Deepest Connections at Gaia TV

This link will only be active for 48 Hours (Noon Thursday through Noon Saturday - EST) so don't wait! If you can't watch now, it might be possible to download and watch later.

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The course and ebook will show you how your heart, mind, body, soul and spirit work together to create your reality, and techniques for consciously managing your creating.

Visit the Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart and get your free ebook now.

Go to Gaia TV now to see how scientific research is helping us grasp the reality of how we influence our physical world!

Watch Gregg Braden "Missing Links" - The Physics of Our Deepest Connections Now!

Until next week,

Ilana Moss
Heartcompass Enterprises
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