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Mind Over Matter
December 11, 2014

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December 2014


Mind Over Matter (revised!)

"Mind Over Matter" is how thought processes can influence our physical reality. To understand how this works, we need to define what "Mind" is and the relationship of Mind and thought to Matter.

...The brain is the human organ most often associated with consciousness and the Mind. However, this definition does not explain experiences such as remote viewing, near death experiences, psychic and paranormal phenomena, and past life memories.

Research done on people who have had near death experiences has shown that the brain is inactive during the experience. Or, in the case of remote viewing, psychic, paranormal and past life memories, there is no way to explain how the information entered the brain to create the experience.

Another definition of Mind is that it is the space and time in which thought and feeling exists, and that the brain is an instrument that perceives thought and emotion and uses these elements to create what we experience as physical reality.

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Can You Tell Me What A Mind With Heart Is?

After 40 years of studying nature and science, 30 years of exploring spirituality, 20 years in communications, and over 10 years practicing the LifeNavigation System for creating A Mind With Heart, here's what I now know: The physical world we think we live in is made up of thoughts and feelings that shape the images and experiences that we call our lives.

In my new online course called the Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover I talk about how the Mind is the space-time for all potential and manifested thoughts, feelings, ideas and images to exist.

As we move our individual point of awareness through the Mind (space and time) physical reality appears to move and change. A great way to experience this for yourself is to try The Headless Way, a simple practice you can learn for free online.

As we move our awareness through space and time we perceive not only the forms created by our thoughts, but also the feelings we use to give substance to those thoughts.

...We ALL have A Mind With Heart. What feelings from your Heart are you using to give substance to the thoughtforms in your Mind?

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"Consciousness is the meeting place between perception and reality" ~Deepak Chopra

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