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A Mind Metaphor - Apocalypse Now? What is being revealed?
November 16, 2016

Welcome To Offramp Updates
November 2016 - Election Edition #2


A Metaphor for Your Mind - Apocalypse Now or What Is Being Revealed??

Before and after the U.S. election - as I watch and listen to both "sides" arguing who is "right" and what is "wrong" - I am reminded of the nature of the human conscious and subconscious mind.

Most, if not all, of us have both conscious and subconscious thoughts and beliefs that are "at war" with one another. The psychological term for this is "cognitive dissonance".

These thoughts and beliefs can be brought to the surface by outer circumstances. We know we are encountering them when feelings of fear, anger, hatred, and despair fill our minds and our hearts.

We are seeing a lot of that lately. If there is one thing we can all give thanks for about the U.S. Presidential election, it is that it is revealing or uncovering a sh*tload of festering fear, anger and resentments that have been buried and denied for a very long time.

The drama happening in politics now is a mirror. The metaphysics of mind is that everything exists within the mind, and everything within the mind is connected.

If you encounter a thought or belief that brings up feelings of fear or anger and you push it away, it will erupt again in some other form. If you run from it, it will chase you! And if you fight it, it will fight back.

There is no escaping what exists in your own mind. The idea that we can "choose good feeling thoughts" and ignore the others has consequences.

We experience those consequences when fear based beliefs that are ignored, denied, or buried present themselves as disease, loneliness, and personal and political conflict.

The theme for this month's Offramp Updates has been about the metaphysics of money. And in many ways, our false fear based beliefs about money have contributed to the current conditions of extreme separation and fear.

It is not the thoughtform of money itself, but the fear based beliefs we use to give substance to that thoughtform that has created our social, political, environmental, and health crises. Getting rid of money won't solve the problem. The thoughtform of money exists, and any attempt to fight, flee, or "freeze" in the face of our current circumstances will, at this point, only have dire consequences.

Looking to others to solve our economic, social, and environmental problems has proven to be ineffective. We can, and must, replace fear based beliefs with Love based Truth in our own minds before any outer reflections will begin to shift or change.

The saying that we must "be the change" is not just a nice philosophy. It is a metaphysical fact. It is how your heart, mind, body, soul and spirit works. It is what creates your physical life experience.

As I write these words, I realize they are as much for me and my own mind as they are for those who are reading it (which, by the way, includes myself!)

The political conflict going on right now is both a distraction, and an opportunity. It is not about who is, or is not, President of the United States. Ultimately, it is about who we really are. And will we remember in time to save ourselves from our own creation?

I believe we can, and we will.

I see signs of it everywhere. People standing up and speaking from the heart. Using words to unite where there has been division. Taking a moment to step back, shut up, and listen when it's really really hard. And choosing to take action only when fear has finally given way to love in your heart and in your mind.

I am grateful for this wake up call. It reminds me of other times, in my personal life, when the unthinkable has happened and I chose to stop, watch, listen, and open my heart.

I hope you will do the same.

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Ilana Moss
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